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posted by Rhezekim (HEREFORD, AZ) Sep 24, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

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I love sports video games and I usually choose EA Sports NHL over NHL2K every year until about three years ago when my son in law turned me onto NHL 2K6 and I thought, wow, this really beats NHL 06 and each year until this year I have been loyal to the NHL 2K series. After playing both hockey games EA Sports NHL 09 is far more superior than NHL 2K9, one of the biggest complaints with 2K9 is all the glitches this game had, this is a game that was tested before being released yet when I played the game in two days I found five different glitches, most were in single play but a couple were in online mode, the play matching system leaves a lot to be desired, it just sits there waiting for your game time to come up, I scheduled a game for 10PM and it never launched, so the leagues are useless if you have people online who belong to the league but they won't match the players up, another glitch was the game would lock/freeze up towards the end of the game, I am not the only one this has happened to, that is why I say it's a glitch and not my system. If you are into hockey like me you might want to give NHL 09 a chance, I like the "Be A Pro" feature of this game. The NHL 2K9 fighting system is a lot more difficult than the NHL 09 is which could be a good or bad thing depending on your likes or dislikes, I dislike it. As for NHL 2K9, I wouldn't recommend renting this game, my opinion.

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NHL 2k9 - A Step Down

posted by AngryGames (TWIN FALLS, ID) Sep 22, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

First, I'd like to say I've been playing 2K hockey since 2k3. Every single year, we play 2k hockey religiously.

One of the first things you will notice, if you are a fan of previous 2k hockey titles, is that the graphics have taken a step back. There's a reason for this: the developers have started fresh, the old 2k hockey engine is gone. This is apparent from the newly redesigned menus that are visually appealing, but a bit frustrating to navigate. Overall, the interface is a plus.

The actual game graphics however are definitely a step back from 2k8. The player models look wooden, flat, and the heads are non-proportional in size. The player faces are downright scary on top of that.

Gone also is the fantastic 2k8 control scheme. 2k9 introduces their "Pro Stick Evolution". This should actually be called "We Copied EA's NHL 09 Controls". While there are some slight differences, the skating control,stick control, shooting, passing, etc, are identical to NHL 09's controls. This isn't a negative in most respects. 2k9 also offers the Classic controls as well as a Hybrid style.

So what about the game? This reviewer's opinion is that it's clunky, with terrible AI (especially your own team's CPU players), a gutted franchise mode, and gimmicks like "drive the Zamboni between periods" that could have been removed and replaced with more time spent programming the AI or making franchise more complete. The goalies are still weak as in previous years.

Even the sliders, normally the ONE thing to save this game's hide every year, as you can adjust every minute setting to create true sim hockey to your liking, are butchered and after 25+ games, it seems that some just don't affect the settings regardless of what you do.

Then there's the CPU players who do constant spin-o-rama moves. It's painful to watch, even more painful to play.

Online offers an upgrade, with proper leagues and stats etc...the one shining aspect of the game.

My recommendation: rent

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Good...but isnt NHL 09

posted by denny417 (GLEN ELLYN, IL) Sep 10, 2008

Member since Jun 2006

8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

NHL 2k9 is finally here and brings you a very good make up gift for the past few years creations.

The Positive:
Team-Up brings a new era of online play for sports games, you are now able to play up to 12 players online in which each player controls 1 man on the ice.

There are some excellent touches that bring the franchise mode to life. In the playoffs, players will slowly grow beards. Now the user is able to carry the Stanley Cup while controlling the player holding it.

The Negative:
While this game has fairly nice game play the AI is once again dumb. People will soon be annoyed by the AI bringing 2 or 3 defenders to the puck carrier in which a couple dekes and passes will leave you many open opportunities on goal, more then you may get in 1 or 2 real games of hockey.

Despite having the feature of Team-Up online people will soon be finding at least 6 players to play with due to the AI being Airheads,with out the ability to tell the CPU what to do or control those other positions you will be finding yourself loses many Team-Up games thanks to the incapable AI.

Final Say:

While this game is alot better then past ones it still has a alot to improve on. If you are a hockey fan that will play both 2k and 09 you might want to just spend your 60$ on 09. If you're a die hard 2k fan then you shouldn't be to upset with this game.

Rent it yes Buy it I will not

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