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Could be much better.

posted by Checky (NORTH ANDOVER, MA) Sep 19, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I had been waiting patiently for this game to come out. I had cleared up my game Q for just this game. I got home from work, popped it in, and just felt bad. I loved NHL 2K7, heck, it's why I play hockey games now. But, let's get onto the game.

Okay, I'd love to give this game a higher rating, but I just can't/ I actually tested it out, side by side, and yes, NHL 2K7 and 2K8 look nearly identical. With a few things changed (Where is my locker room segway?!), the game's overall appearance during a match looks good, but I expected a little more after they had time to really work with this series. The player creation is awful as well. Everyone looks deformed, but hey, this isn't a beauty contest.

Sound- 8
Aside from the music being so-so, the sound isn't bad. I was expecting them to call the names wrong, but I only heard it a few times. Last year, I spent half the season listening my teams' roster get misnamed left and right. The play calls are rather good, and on time. Also, I liked how the announcers got a bit more enthusiastic during intense drives. Small things like that give it a realistic feel, which is what I think they went for.

Gameplay- 3
Okay, here's where I lost my temper. I usually play sports games on the medium difficulty setting, just to get a little challenge but not get angry. Well, considering Luongo is one of the best goalies in the sport, I highly doubt he'd give up 9 goals in the first period. I usually let the computer control the goalie, and on last year's game, it seemed fair. Luongo gives up goals, but not 9 in a period. The checking wasn't accurate either. I watched one of my guys going full speed slam into an opponent and get shrugged off. Then I saw the same guy tap one of my defenseman, and send him to the ground. Shame, because the rest of the game was good.

If you are looking to get the game, you just have to get used to the new NHL. Personally, I like my hockey a bit rougher. Overall, I give it a 5.

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Its actually a very good game....sorta

posted by donny2000 (COUNTRY CLUB HILLS, IL) Sep 18, 2007

Member since Aug 2007

3 out of 6 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This title is one of the best hockey games I've played in years in terms of its sense of speed and total player controls. Its a top of the line offering in every sense of the word...for the PS2 that is.

Thetas right! This game plays very well...well enough to garner a 8-9 from me on the PS2 if it were an exact copy of this game...which it should be because honestly this game looks like it was developed for the Sega Dreamcast's launch line-up in 1999. The Visuals look horrible...and on my 1080p hook-up its really unforgiving. The sound is also bad and I can't help but think that this game wasn't upgraded in ANY way from its PS2 counterpart.

Its a shame really. This game should and could have been special.

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2k or not 2k

posted by gamerjim (WEST COLUMBIA, SC) Sep 21, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

1 out of 4 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

I love 2k sports they have excellerated the sports gaming world in so many ways, from NFL2k one of the best football games ever to their Hockey and Baseball renditions 2k has allways been as good or better in many ways than any other. This yaer has been a let down with porting of 360 to ps3 the games loses a lot, and with that to explore what the games could have been, bothers me in so many ways. Just getting by is no longer acceptable.We as gamers pay for these games with the expectation that we are getting the best effort not last years update. To put it as plain as possible the game stinks last years graphics and last years renderings not good at all dont waste your time, play dare I say NHL08 EA at least tried.

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