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dont bother with this game

posted by thegenerel (FINLEYVILLE, PA) Dec 8, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

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I rented both this and NHL 08. After a spending part of the afternoon with both, its obvious that NHL 08 is the better game this year.

2k8 may have a slight edge in franchise mode, but the menu/interface is so clunky, I got sick of trying to manage my team while simulating.

The controls feel unnatural. I stopped playing after the first period. Why waste my time on this when NHL 08 is so much more enjoyable?

Even the soundtrack sucks. I just muted my tv.

I got both this and NHL 08 on a Saturday. Im keeping NHL 08 and sending 2k8 back first thing Monday.

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Simply put...

posted by blackfire8 (SOMERSET, NJ) Nov 25, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

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This game didn't live up to expectations, period. The button layout makes no sense, the graphics are dismal at best, and let's face it, the game is weak. The AI is so incredibly dim-witted that they can be passed with little to no effort at all and once you've figured out how to score easily, that's it, you don't even do anything else because it probably won't work.

The sad truth is that the commentators know more about what's going on than your opponents. And you'd think that 2K Sports would have realized this and actually tied the two together in some way or another to achieve a less bland AI.

I love being a goalie because it's a challenge and a different perspective on the game. But in 2K8 it just wasn't enjoyable. I didn't feel like I was in the crease, I felt like I was sitting behind the net watching someone else be the goalie and occasionally centering a circle on a target. Now I understand that no company has gotten it right yet but come on, at least let me cut down on my own angles. And the sensitivity on the view zone, or whatever you call it, is WAY too high.

I have never not wanted to end a game in a tie for fear of a shootout before this game. The NHL Hits series had a better shootout setup than this. I find myself breaking into a sweat trying to get one more goal as the clock ticks down past a minute in the third quarter just because the shootouts are more work than they're worth. And they are nothing but work, so much so that it detracts from the fun.

All in all the game is just not fun to play.

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Very Good

Don't Believe the Mis-Hype

posted by Threatend (ROUSES POINT, NY) Sep 14, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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As an ex-hockey player of 20 years and an avid fan of realistic (not arcade style) hockey games, both the likes of EA and the 2K series, I have to say that this game rocks. I have yet to play EA's NHL 08, but that is coming soon. So, this is not a review of which is better but only a review to tell you that this game does not deserve all the negative criticism.

The biggest challenge, of course, is the learning curve of the new controller configuration. What's now known as the infamous Pro Control and bumper/trigger buttons will become famous - eventually. It took me a good 6-8 hours to grasp these new controls, and yes I too was frustrated. But now I love them. It makes the game so much more realistic, being able to set-up passing plays on a power play to actually being able to deke out the goalie on a breakaway by controlling what your stick is actually doing to performing a real one-timer and picking your corners. You will have to customize the game settings to your liking, and tweaking things does take time, but you can make the game play and look exactly like you want it to. I've been waiting for a more realistic hockey game like this since hockey entered the video gaming spectrum. There are many options and additions to this game that are cool. And, after about 30 hours or so, I have yet to run into any play problems. My only real complaint is the music selection - I prefer heavier tunes to thrash around the rink. Korn is OK, but there are many other great bands to choose from. And Quiet Riot? Come on... But, for game play, this is a great base to get almost exactly what I want out of a realistic hockey game. There are a few things I'd add and/or change for next year, but for now, I'm addicted.

Give it a try, and be patient with the new configuration - it'll come. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, too.

By the way, when you get a chance, check out my band at myspace com/threatend for some good heavy, alternative music. I'd appreciate it! Rock on...

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