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The Gretzky of Hockey Games

posted by BlackEye (DULUTH, MN) Jan 16, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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NHL 2k7 is loaded with ton's of fun ideas to personalize the game in every aspect to fit your needs.. You can edit just about anything so you don't hear the same old sayings over and over and over again.. For instance...

When you are loading to start a new game, The loading default song is the average pump up song that gets more annoying as u continue to play games during a season or franchise. In the options you can change that so you can play any song stored on you Xbox 360. Not only can you edit the loading song witch gets more and more repetitive, you can change the arena music. During game play, after you score a goal, get a penalty, start a fight, win a game, or if u loose a game. You can pick any song/or playlist you would like to hear for each of those situations.

There is plenty more to talk about in music but lets move on to the awesome new goalie control settings..

CREASE CONTROL. The greatest idea ever for a hockey game to have.. You can control the goalie in this awesome 3rd person view of the goalie. When a player shoots the puck on you, the puck goes into slow motion where u have to move an aiming reticule over the target of the puck with in a certain amount of time before the puck goes back into real time.. ITs sweet..

And if you were wondering. you can switch in and out of goalie mode during any game.. even if you are playing a friend. Just click down on the right thumb sitck and click button A to get out of it. Its a simple as that

The only downfall wich most games have.. is you will notice your stick going into the goalie and disapear.. But ever game has something stupid like that.. It does not effect game play.. it just looks funny.

There are so many more little control options to master to make you the Wayne Gretzky of NHL 2k7.
I will let you figure out the rest when you rent this game

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More of the Same

posted by Kawika (LOS ANGELES, CA) Nov 7, 2006

Member since Feb 2004

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The 2K series for hockey has been the better of the two out there since it began. So when 2K7 was released, I was really looking forward to the improvements.

The perspective change threw me for a little bit, but the new graphics are nicely done. The game flows well and there are a ton of customizations you can utilize to make the experience what you want it to be...mostly.

The problems I have are ones that have plagued the 2K series from the getgo. Goalie stats are completely messed up. If you play anything less than 20 minute periods, the stats calculator extrapolates whatever time your using and averages it over 20 minutes, so if your GAA is 3 using 5 minute periods, your reported GAA will be listed as 9 in the stats column. If you opt for more than 5 minute periods, your goalie will be absolutely shelled and still give up a ton of goals.

If you can engineer decent one timers, you'll score. A lot. Fortunately, I was also able to crash the net and pick up some garbage goals, which was something lacking previously in the series.

If you're too far ahead? Don't worry, the computer will decide it's time to score a goal or three and you won't be able to hit its players with any oomph or intercept a pass with positional hockey. And you won't have time for a line change either when your guys fatigue.

The computer will also commit interference with impunity. And so do your guys. So if you turn up the sensitivity for that penalty, you'll be seeing your guys marching to the box as much as the computer. Judicious clearing out of the front of the net is the only way to keep the shots on goal down. And, I don't know if this is true for everybody, but it seems that if my team is overachieving, here come the major injuries that keep your major guys out for weeks.

Still, overall, it is an enjoyable game if you don't mind some of the caveats listed above. Definitely worth a try.

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posted by iLLWiLL (PARKLAND, FL) Oct 25, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

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This year 2K sports beat EA sports, last year was way different, EA Sports NHL 06 beat NHL 2k6, this year the tables turned. I recommened renting this game before deciding to buy it. NHL 07 is garbage, dont bother evening looking at the game.

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