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NHL 2K11

posted by gsb78g (LINDENHURST, NY) Sep 1, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

I rented this game and it took 5 minutes before i sent it back the game play stinks it has horrible graphic let me put it this way the Sega Genises looks better then this this game is a very big disappointment and I recommend not to rent or buy this game even if you are desperate for a hockey game NHL 11 will be out soon so get that game instead otherwise rent or buy NHL98 you will see what I mean.

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Wii needs some competitioin for NHL games

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 31, 2010

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Member since Jan 2008

2K Sports have tried to make some improvements on last year’s NHL 2K10 by putting in a few tweaks here and there.
You can play the Winter Classic, which is a basic hockey game outside at Fenway Park.
You can play up several minigames to see who (up to four players) can get the most points (here, they are called fans) in the Race for the Cup mode. This is one feature I’d like to see tossed; it doesn’t belong in an authentic NHL game.
But for these improvements, they didn’t give the one I was looking for: improvements on the basic hockey gameplay.
The controls have not change since last year’s version. You’re still holding the B button down while swinging the Wiimote left and right to pull of the shot - and sometimes the shooting command doesn’t work - even when the attacker is standing in front of the goal all by himself.
And AI for my teamates hasn’t changed a bit since the last version, either. They still have a tendency to make serious mental errors on defense, letting an opposing attacker open - who takes a pass from the attacker I’m defending against - and shoots the puck past my goalie for a far too easy goal.
And getting a proper rush on the opposing goalie is still a hit or miss proposition. I have no idea who I’m supposed to pass it to, and I end up shooting the puck on the net, crossing my fingers and hoping that the opposing goalie won’t make the save. In some games, I would put sixty shots on goal, and the other goalie would get fifty eight saves.
Meanwhile the other team would score on fewer shots because of the AI’s mental errors on defense. Some of the games became lopsided because of this (one game I lost 12-4).
NHL 2K11 is a good hockey game (better if you can go online), but there has to be a way for the player to work with the AI to get the proper attack or defense going. RENT IT.

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a game of hockey eh

posted by griffin59 (SEATTLE, WA) Aug 26, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

this game is really fun but can be trickey at first.the reason I say this is because its all most impossable to get a goal at first.but after you get use to it its fun

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