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Very Good

Good But could be better

posted by southman (WINSTON SALEM, NC) Oct 17, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

its a Good Game but could be better in terms of Features in game play i mean their should be more to choose from than just Season mode and Franchise Mode . but i like it and i must say its a Must rent but i wouldn't rent it though . just sucks that the Stupid EA got to get Greedy and try and buy out all the Licenses to all the Sports Franchises so they can Eliminate the Competition . Because 2k does a Pretty good job of keeping up with EA Sports and IMO ppl only rate this game so poor cuz their haters of ppl who hate or dislike EA Sports Games and only want to make this game look bad which is not the case this game is actually a decent game for a rental( thanks to GameFly) but i wouldn't go out and buy it until the price drops well below 20 bucks nor would i want to buy EA games or any of theirs for that matter . because why would you want to rent something you can beat in a few short hours ? Right ? anyways i like how the game has the fighting setup its awesome but other than that it can be a bit of a repeat over and over just like all other sports games in general . this one is good for a weekend/week rental nothing more nothing less . only reason i've not sent it back yet is because of all the fighting goes on in the games you be playing gives me awesome laughs everytime it happens .

overall i give it a 8 cuz of the fights and decent graphics other than that far as Features and very Select game options id say a 6.5-7ish .

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GF Rating


Just not feeling it

posted by BoondocksN (PORT MONMOUTH, NJ) Nov 23, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

NHL 2k10 reminds me of a game if anybody remembers NHL HITZ that use to be on the playstation 2. Nhl 2k10 is more of a arcade hockey game then "realistic." Dont get me wrong there are alot of things in the game that im impressed about. Such as the entrances with the ice and it shows the arena and sometimes videos on the ice before the game stars but, the announcers are just, annoying. The controls are stiff. The sounds of the game are great like when bodies hit the boards ect. But, 2k really needs to work on the gameplay and the graphics a little bit more and it would be better then its counterpart. but, till then im sticking with NHL 10 and so on.

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GF Rating


Beautifully Frustrating

posted by soonerferg (NORMAN, OK) Oct 7, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

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The graphics in 2K10 are great, and the players unique motions are captured very well, but the defensive controls are just a mess. Switching from player to player is very confusing and always seems a second behind. The opposing team gets far too many breakaways, and the goalie AI is terrible, even on the highest rated goalies. The offensive controls are not bad, and offer simple to advanced options. It's worth keeping for a few days to fiddle with the create a player and create a team options, which have been improved, but after you get 10 goals scored on you enough times, the frustration sets in and you'll be sealing it up and heading to the mailbox pretty quick.

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