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Same ol' Same ol'

posted by OneEyeRed (PALISADES PARK, NJ) Oct 23, 2011

Member since Oct 2007

I was adamant about purchasing NHL12 and I wish I had listened to that voice in my head. The game play is absolutely great on the ice, in front of the net, board work, etc... However, there is not that significant (if any) differences from NHL 11 to warrant upgrading. In my opinion, this studio has exploited all they can for the series and now its going to turn into a Madden and NCAA churn event.

My biggest beef as always is the beautiful ice play pans to the stands with craptastic animations, 5 of the same fans doing the same moves. Another issue I have is the fact that in be a pro mode, I am playing Detroit. I am #1 in conference and league and after just about every other game I get commentator announcements about "how we put one away being at the bottom of the barrel" or something to that effect. Like last night, I played a killer game against Dallas and the ending commentary was about how both teams played well for being at the bottom of the standings?!?!?

I know many will say this is minor stuff but for me it just kills the immersion factor. On the note of lock-ups, I had one so far after 45 games. Still wish I would have saved my money and just stayed with 11.

I cannot review on multiplayer/online as I don't play it.

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EA Sports NHL 12

posted by Freaky1 (LITTLETON, CO) Oct 22, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

I understand EA Sports has been around for 20 years and you'd think after that long they would be able to put out a great game. I own NHL 10 and with the hype I was really excited about NHL 12, hoping they would fix some things, but wow was I wrong. I have been playing hockey games for many many years and I can't believe that EA Sports has actually taken steps backwards. For one, if your playing one player you only go one direction. You never skate down the ice, only up, really?? Two or more players this changes and you do actually swap sides, why isn't it like this all the time? In NHL 12 line changes take forever to come up after you hit the button. It is seriously so slow that I finally kept trying to make the ref blow the whistle so I could change lines. EA Sports made a game that is certainly more flashy with intro graphics but the game play blows. Ok so it's pretty cool that goalies can fight and play more physical but that is not enough for me to fork out the cash for this game. I wish they would worry more about the game and less about the flashy out of game graphics. I'll be sticking with NHL 10 for another year, NHL 12 is fun but I don't think I recommend it to anyone, save your cash.

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Above Average

Incomplete game

posted by dmjrkob (WESTMONT, IL) Oct 19, 2011

Member since Nov 2009

The game itself isn't bad. However, it's as if it's unfinished. There are a lot of things (such as saving settings) that just don't work. It's really hard to believe that they even tested the game before release. I'll keep playing it though because there is no other choice in hockey. :S

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