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It's not hockey.

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Sep 15, 2010

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I am not kidding, this game looks great sounds great, the conrols are great. Passing not very good, the camera doesn't show much of the ice so your passing to whatever way more often than to someone.

Be a pro mode works fine, the controls are working perfectly well. Passing still doens't work in that so it's not a problem with the game beyond the field of view is to small and I don't know if there is a passing icon feature.

The problem lies in the gameplay of the computer, when you make a forward you literally take all of the shots, in one game as a winger I had eleven shots, there were twelve for the game. As a goaltender you see maybe eight shots the whole game. This is playing for five minute periods, it might work better if you play ten or even twenty minute periods. The problem lies in EA not coding worth anything. Hockey is sometimes fast and usually slow passing around to work for an opening and get a shot.

With five minute periods, that works out to about fifteen minutes of the period doing nothing but passing it around. You watch it going on and wonder when anyone will do something. As a goaltender in be a pro mode, you face one shot a period maybe. There were two straight periods facing no shots for me. This is not hockey this is not fun and if you have half an hour to play a game, you are better off playing something else.

Don't buy don't rent. EA needs to learn how to actually make a good fun game for everyone before you buy from them again. It migt be fun multiplayer though probably not unless you play longer periods. Any other way to play is pointless.

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Above Average

More of the same.

posted by RddotB (ADEL, GA) Oct 5, 2010

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I came in expecting to have a great experience but left with the more of the same feeling.

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Frustrating passing turned me off

posted by malenko (LAKE MARY, FL) Sep 12, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

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The game is much improved over the past few years and I really wanted to love it, but I just couldn't mostly due to the horrible passing controls. Your teammates can be standing right to the side of you, you go to pass over to him, and it will pass it down out of the zone. I don't know, maybe my controller's stick is just getting old and was causing it, but it was enough to turn me off and send it back to gamefly.

On the plus side of things, the new faceoff system and improved board play is great, it really is very true to life. It's also great that they've improved on the puck detection on players, your opponents no longer send ghost passes that magically go right through you to them. It's also nice that they've seemed to have eliminated alot of the glitch goals that players would just spam during games for cheap goals, you actually have to play hockey the way it's suppose to now.

I really wanted to enjoy this game, but when you pass the puck and it doesn't even go close to where you aimed it to, I just can't. If this was like a once or twice a game thing it would be one thing, but it was constant. When you complete a pass it shouldn't be a highlight of the game, but it sometimes would be. This is the first game that actually made me throw my controller since I was in high school, and that was almost 20 years ago, for that reason I have to give this game a 1.

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