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Dosn't get much better

posted by Olivertoxx (SYRACUSE, NY) Oct 10, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

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I have had this game sense the release. The best game I have ever played. I have started playing both Be a Pro and the Be a Gm Mode, and all I can say is if you want a game that has a ton of replay ability then this game is for you. It will take prolly a full year to NHL11 comes out to out play all the features. Worth the rent and Well worth paying the keep price as well.

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Very Good


posted by jonnyno30 (WEST FALLS, NY) Mar 17, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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Honestly ive about lost my patience with the online clubs. I hope against hope that either the goal scoring glitches would be fixed by this year or at least remedied by a patch. But unfortunately, even with revamped goalies, the same problems are just as evident as last year. The goalies are better, without a doubt. But still seem unable to make a ruitine save on a wristshot from the blueline while they are entirely capable of making behind the back blocker saves on perfectly executed odd man rushes. Its just disappointing seeing yet again the glitch artists rewarded for mastering a single move and attempting it twenty or so times a game while true students of the game can barely win a game. My club has numerous loses despite outshotting, out chancing, hitting, and time spent in the attack zone to clubs that have one player with jacked stats ripping shots from the blue line and skating away with the first star game after game. Maybe I should just give in and start using the glitch goals myself, which dont take any skill at all to master, but somewhere deep down as a true fan of the game I cant bring myself to sink to that level. Great game, top ten alltime in my book, just keep a man on this problem please, because its ruining what should and could be one of the best online experiences possible to date.

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Fun for even NON-hockey fans

posted by oldani311 (FAIRFIELD, CA) Oct 8, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

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i'd consider myself a casual hockey fan at best, but ive always loved hockey videogames. there's just something about the feeling of accomplishment when you feed a streaking player the puck to squeeze the puck through the goal without an inch to spare. so ive played my share of hockey games. nhl 09 without a doubt was the best EVER. and this one basically keeps to the same recipe, with a few add ons. the be a pro (or whatever its called) game mode is the same but still fun. and multiplayer team games are a blast. the gameplay remains relatively the same, but youll notice you can battle for the puck on the boards now, which is cool, but sometimes feels forced. passing now requires a bit more skill which i like. but the new fighting mechanics seems tacked on and requires little to no skill...that said, dont think twice, even if youre not a hockey fan. if you like sports titles at all this is a no brainer

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