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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

win stanley cup

Create 30 teams then go to season and substitue all the NHL teams for the created ones then pick the team that will most likely go undefeated (dont sim playoff games).

Picking the right GM profile for your dynasty

if you choose "the insightful investor" for your gm profile you should pick a team with fewer developed facilities like the Devils, Red wings or Canucks you will start out with a huge boost in upgrades so winning the stanley cup will take no time. If you pick "Braw Boatser" you will earn trust fatser so you should pick low ranked teams like the Capitals, Wild or St.louis you will get tons of trust from the owner. (granted you can win.)

Easy goals

Hold Speedburst when going in on a breakaway. Use the Right Analog-stick to aim your shot. Aim it on the ice any side of the net.

Spin Deke

Hold L and press Triangle then move the Analog-stick Up or Down for the direction to spin to.

Recommended players

When playing in Dynasty mode, start with any team. After the first year, when in free agents, choose a player named S. Whitaker. He is 16 years old and has 99 potential. He starts off with 82 overall, but by the time he is 18, he will be a superstar with 99 overall.

Get any two draft picks

When in dynasty mode go to trade players and trade your 5th round pick for another teams 5th round pick and two other picks eg. (5th for 5th 1st 2nd) works most of the time but sometimes doesnt work when trading for two 1st round picks.