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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Easy money

Intervene in every game in the third period. If you want to play more, intervene in the second period, but you must be winning to get more money.

Recommended player

Trade for Tampa Bay's, Martin St. Louis. He has an overall rating of 95, and when the game speed is set the highest, he can out-skate any player.


When you are coming down on a breakaway, press Right Analog-stick Up. This will cause your player drop the puck to his skate, then kick it back up to his skate. This is the most highly effective move in the game.

Easy goal

Hold L2 while moving the Right Analog-stick near the opposing team's goal. You will flip the puck up into the air and bat it into the net like a baseball. To do the scoop move, stop behind the opponents net. Hold L1 then move the Right Analog-stick Right. You will put the puck on top of your stick and shovel it in the net. When going down the ice (on the left side if your player is left handed), curve across the net then move the Right Analog-stick Left and hold the Left Analog-stick Up/Right to roof it.

Easy goal

The most effective goal is the Between-the-legs move. To use this skill stick go near the net on an angle and push the right analog stick down.

Dynasty mode high rated prospects

To get a high rated prospect you do not need to upgrade your scouting report. First, save the game after the season ends. Then, advance to the draft. Draft a player or just go into the second round. Look at the highest overall draft pick, load back your season, and draft that person.