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NFL Street 2


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Also on:GC, PS2
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Gameplay Controls

NFL Street 2


Tutorial: Select the Tutorial option in the Game Modes Menu to learn how to get your game on.
Style Moves: Style Moves make you look like a million bucks and fill up your Gamebreaker meter fast, but they also make you more likely to lose the ball.
Hot Spots: The Hot Spots are posters on the walls at all the arenas. Bust out a Wall Move on a Hot Spot or punish a ball carrier into one to boost your Gamebreaker meter and change the Hot Spot to your team's logo.

Directional Pad Move Player. Send Player In Motion.
Left Thumbstick Move Player. Send Player In Motion.
A Button Snap Ball. Stiff Arm. Fake Pitch (Option Play).
B Button Juke (Tap). Spin (Hold).
X Button Activate Gamebreaker. Hurdle. Dive (Near Goal Line or First Down).
Y Button Pitch. Instant Replay (After Play is Over).
White Button View Receivers. Toggle Passing Icons.
Black Button Coach Cam
Left Trigger Wall Moves. Show Off Style Moves (Hold). Call Audible (Then Use D-Button to Call Play).
Right Trigger Turbo
Start Pause
Combo #1 Left Trigger Button, Right Trigger Button = Max Protect Play (Keeps Running Back in Backfield for Blocking, Then Releases Him)
Combo #2 Left Trigger + Y = Style Pitch
Combo #3 Left Trigger + X = Style Hurdle/Dive
Combo #4 Left Trigger + B = Style Juke/Spin
Combo #5 Left Trigger + Right Thumbstick = Signature Style Moves
Combo #6 Left Trigger + A, X or Y Button = Style Pass
Combo #7 Left Trigger + B (Running on Wall) = Wall Juke
Combo #8 Left Trigger + X (Running on Wall) = Wall Hurdle/Wall Dive
Combo #9 Left Trigger + Y (Running on Wall) = Wall Catch
Combo #10 Left Trigger + A, X, or B (Running on Wall) = Wall Pass

Directional Pad Move Player
Left Thumbstick Move Player
A Button Spin. Rip Ball.
B Button Switch Players
X Button Activate Gamebreaker. Dive. Make a Hit.
Y Button Catch. Deflect Pass. Instant Replay (After Play).
White Button View Receivers
Black Button Coach Cam
Left Trigger Audible
Right Trigger Turbo
Start Pause
Combo #1 Hold Left Trigger + Tap A Button Repeatedly = Strip Ball >From Ball Carrier
Combo #2 Left Trigger + X Button = Punish Ball Carrier and Force Turnover
Combo #3 L Trigger, R Trigger = Predict Offensive Play (Guessing Correctly Boosts Defense)

Directional Pad Highlight Menu Item. Cycle Choices.
A Button Select/Next Screen
B Button Back/Previous Screen