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NFL Head Coach 09

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posted by NBoss57 (TAMPA, FL) Apr 15, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

I rented this game with high expectations, as EA Sports has the best sports games for the Xbox. I never played Head Coach until I rented the game. After returning the game, I'm not playing it again. Here are the goods and bads from NFL Head Coach 09.

I like the free agent bidding
Easy Achievements (About 20/23 in just a couple hours)
Training Camp
Adam Schefter from NFL Network

Too easy to get fired or go over the salary cap
Can't play any games, so it's just a big simulation. You don't really play anything
Adam Schefter gets annoying after a while
Time Consuming achievements
Too easy to lose approval rating

So if you're patient, and don't play video games to have fun, then perhaps you'll enjoy NFL Head Coach 09. But I'd much rather stay with NCAA Football. I'm so glad I didn't purchase this game.

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head coach 09

posted by Bmike79 (PUYALLUP, WA) Feb 11, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

I like the thought of being head coach, Instead of complaining about you current head coach or player, you can be in the hot seat and change it your way, now the problem is the patience and time and the
effort to make your team. You spend more time doing paper work to figure out if the TE you want is worth giving away your draft spot, than actually playing the game. yes there are option on playing with the current team on play now but it loses the whole purpose of the meaning of HEAD COACH. If you like a slow pace and thinking game this game is it, but if you want just to play football then madden is the direction to go.

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NFL Head Coach: Sim Fan's dream

posted by f1ssport (BUFFALO, NY) Sep 30, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

This is one of the most engaging games I've ever played. I actually play it more than I play Madden 09.

The level of detail and the amount of control over the franchise is phenominal. If you like the cerebral inner workings of building a franchise and creating gameplans and plays, this game is definitely for you. The draft, free agency, hiring coaches, formulating a direction for your franchise, and salary cap are handled well. The scouting reports and Adam Schecter commentary are also pretty good.

Only gripe is that I wish the EA online servers were more dependable. Downloading and uploading is always sketchy for some reason. Also, multiplayer would have been more enjoyable if they used the graphics instead of the "sim" screen.

If you don't have the patience for building a franchise from the ground up, this game may not be for you. The learning curve is really steep with this game, and the manual isn't the best.

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