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Worth a rent but nothing more.

posted by N3xium (DETROIT, MI) May 1, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

Ok so let me start by saying I am one of those huge fans of the show so it should come as no surprise I would hold its first game based on the show to a certain standard. What I found most disappointing on this game is that they only managed to get Robert Wagner (Tony's dad) and David McCallum (aka Ducky aka Dr. Mallard). All other voices are not quite even close to their respective actors which means you have to suspend some disbelief when you hear the others talk. As far as gameplay even though this is on the PS3 it plays like a point and click you would find on a PC and has virtually no action scenes and the cut scenes and cinematic would not do justice to any videogame made in the last 9 years. One for the pro and con column is that the game is incredibly short which makes it a very good choice for rent but leaves no room for replay value. However with all that said the game does not cause any moments of frustration since it is pretty easy and just by playing the game to completion you will be rewarded with every trophy including the platinum if you play the PS3 version. Overall I would recommend this game as a rent but highly discourage anyone from purchasing it. Hopefully the next one will be better since the bar seems to have been set low for this one. Rated as 5 out of 10 stars.

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Easy Platinum

posted by Hardangelfan (WINNETKA, CA) Mar 12, 2013

Member since Oct 2011

If your mission is to collect as many trophies as possible, start here. 4hrs and PLAT!

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posted by Shaide (TAFT, CA) Feb 1, 2013

Member since Dec 2003

I will be upfront with this review. I am not a fan of the series, in fact I have never watched it. If I had, my views on the game might have been different.

What I expected was a game with similar play mechanics to the CSI titles. The premise isn't much different, and it's released through the same publisher.

Needless to say, it's not what I got. The game was a mess! Sure the graphics were standard(For the time of it's release), but the animation and voice acting were very sub-par, which is a shame since apparently the game uses the voice talents of the actual shows actors(Which leads me to question the shows entertainment value).

The game consists of you walking around the screen taking pictures of whatever one of the other characters tell you to take photos of. Basically, it's a "Hidden picture" game. I say that in quotes, because the items aren't really hidden. They usually are just right there. You may have to walk around a counter to see it, but it's sitting in the blue.

Occasionally you might be asked move something, or help move something. During these scenes you are expected to press a combo of buttons. Kind of like a Quick Time Event, minus the Quick Time.

You also play as the medical examiner and perform autopsies, which sounds interesting at first, until you discover that an autopsy consists of you taking pictures of red glowing marks on a wireframe body.

You are probably wondering by this point, if the game has any puzzles! Yes, it does. If you have the same idea of puzzles as this game. Puzzles tend to be matching up a piece of evidence with another. Sometimes the puzzle is a memory game. Other times, its keeping your crosshairs on top of a moving target.

The only redeeming aspect of this game is the "deduction board" where you connect all of the gathered clues to reach a final conclussion. It reminds me of the sherlock holmes deduction boards, however, it too is fairly simple.

Overall, the game is a joke, and a major letdown.

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