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NCAA Football 2002


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Touchdown Celebrations

Press and hold one of the button right before scoring a touchdown.

  • Push L1 or R1.
    Point upwards -
  • Push R2.
    Hold up football -
  • Push L2.
    Shake football -
  • L2 + Square:
    Player spikes the ball, points to the crowd, then beats his chest.
  • L2 + Triangle:
    Player bows to the crowd.
  • L2 + Circle:
    Player spikes the ball, then shrugs his shoulder.
  • L2 + X:
    Player does Heisman Trophy pose.
  • R2 + Square:
    Player will dunk on the Goal Post.
  • R2 + Triangle:
    Player will punch the ball towards the crowd.
  • R2 + Circle:
    Player will kick the ball into the crowd.
  • R2 + X:
    Player will throw the ball to the crowd.