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Played this game for a long time....

posted by laidback (TUCSON, AZ) Sep 26, 2012

Member since Mar 2010

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I rented this game when it first came out and I have continued playing it every day or so up until about an hour ago. This is what I can tell ya:

Pros - It gets you involved during dynasty mode and you end up spending most of you time "wanting" to manipulate your recruitment board. The gameplay is good, not great. The layout of the game is perfect and I thoroughly enjoy the recruitment portion of it.

Cons - The refs are a freakn' joke and so are the booth reviews. The graphics need alot of word and so does the AI. The announcers say the same stuff over and over and over.....

Conclusion - Can we please put a little more effort in the details? The game is so close to being perfect. It's stupid stuff, like the user knowing when the refs call for a booth review it'll be overturned every single time. Also, rating teams in the top 25 based on the programming projection and not how they are currently playing during the season. FIX IT! ;o)

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posted by OpiodDream (MONTGOMERY, AL) Sep 20, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

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NCAA really tried to step things up from previous installments. In true EA form they up'd the ante by smoothing out the graphics, making the controls more fluent and really stressing on play ability over the normal scope of "You will buy this, because you like football". Lets face the facts, MANY sports releases have that feel to them. Including a few of EA's past ventures into the sports gaming community. However, here they obviously wanted to do more, and in most fields, they nailed it. That being said here are the pros versus the cons.

Enhanced graphics.
Better gameplay physics.
A college interest system that FAR surpasses previous installments where you played through and chose where you want to go and just worked your way up the roster. Here as you progress it tells you what colleges are interested, who and when they offer a scholarship, and a point based system to let you know how you are doing over time.
In-game names being said. No more constant "#23 etc"
Mulitplayer is done WAY better then how it has been in the past.

Player creation. You still can only create a very generic looking person.
Commentators. There is still that "Player sacked at the X yard line" even though you gained "X" amount of yards. Or them saying the wrong name of the person you completed the pass to.
Crowd people look the same, EVERYWHERE.

Rating: A solid 7.

While there were a few Cons, many are to be expected in this type of game, and I tried to leave out more opinion based Pros, or Cons, like liking/disliking the slow motion effect for concentration. I personally didn't like it, though it did help if you were playing on a harder setting SOMETIMES. On an easy setting unless you're new to sports games, or just not as good, or even just really rusty because you haven't played in a while I don't see you ever needing it. Its a good game, worth a rent or even a buy if you're a fan and like to play your friends. Otherwise nothings there really to keep you

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Very Good

Pretty Good!

posted by jsmooth2010 (TYLER, TX) Aug 19, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

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I usually buy my sports games every 2 years, and this was year 2 for me so I bought this game. But I rent every year. It was different enough from 11 for the purchase. But it is still pretty glitchy and sloppy. The passing game is much more easy and fun to use. There are new animations like always that are cool. The presentation is much improved and the score updates are totally awesome. I don't know if it's worth a buy though over 12. Only reason I bought it is because I skipped last years. Anyway, it's worth a rent, but you might want to wait until 14 when they introduce the new tackling/physics.

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