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The same as NCAA 12 with minor improvements

posted by MDgeist (ATLANTA, GA) Aug 25, 2012

Member since May 2010

I'm going to make this short and sweet.

Graphics: There seemed to be a slight graphics upgrade on the players which make them look more realistic and proportionate. However, there were a few nagging bugs. At the coin flip, the face of the players tend to be without detail for a few seconds, then loads it. Still noticed some annoying warping through walls, goalposts, bushes, etc.

Gameplay: The psychic, superhuman linebackers have been fixed, and it's now possible to complete passes over the middle. It still seems a little too offense focused, with defense as an afterthought. Running the ball is still good, but the AI really needs to be fixed. In Road to Glory mode, coaches still call dumb plays (four verticals on 1st and goal from the opponent's 1-yard line, and many more), and runningbacks seem to completely ignore a wide open hole just to run straight into the nearest defender. But the controls are precise, the passing game has been tightened, and some other mechanics have been thrown in to make pre-snap calls a lot easier.

Sound: Same sound and most of the same commentary from NCAA 12. However, the marching bands were almost always off-sync with much overlapping going on. It was so annoying that I started playing with the stadium sounds very low. To me, that's a pretty lazy flaw to not be fixed before release.

Overall, it's just about the same game as NCAA 2012 with a few additions to get rid of some of the previous year's problems. Still, the game feels like it's lacking something as far as being fun. It's a good game, but the formula is starting to wear thin. Not worth $60, but a decent rental.

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Best 1 To Date!!

posted by fedexfield21 (PORTSMOUTH, VA) Aug 22, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

NCAA 2013 is the best football game that has ever been made in my opinion. I've been playing it everyday since it's release and with so many different things to do, since they added the Heisman Challenge, I never get tired of playing it. The only problem I have found with the game is how easy it is for your players to get hurt in the Dynasty mode. I highly suggest on turning injuries off if your planning on taking a 1 or 2 star prestige school up through the rankings and building it into a powerhouse. Even though I don't like how easy it is to get injured I still leave injuries on when playing with any team because it can benefit you too. The developers fixed the problems of 2012, linebackers jumping 15 ft in the air to intercept a ball, juke not responding quick enough when pressed, etc., so that's why I gave it a 9 out of a possible 10. If it wasn't for the injuries I would have given it a perfect 10. I have to say that EA finally got it right. Please fix the injuries and please don't touch anything else and you will have the perfect football game!!!

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Above Average

pretty good

posted by bless610 (NEW KENSINGTON, PA) Aug 11, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

It is a pretty good football game. I mean sometimes it would be slow at some pts of playing. I would rather buy madden like i have been doing anyways so im still not happy with this game.

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