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posted by augustekidz (ALLENTOWN, PA) May 18, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

Me?Im not so fond of this ncca.First off.
1.(THE PASS)The game offers you a two day pass to play online.However when this expires you have to pay 10 dallars to get it for a limited amount of time.
2.(THE RADIO)Actually i thought this was a good thing,at first.I thought finally i can keep up on whats going on!But was wrong they give you the same reports for a whole hour.Sometimes they even go back and play the old reports.FOR ANOTHER WHOLE HOUR!!!!!
3.(DYNASTY)I was excited when this game was in my mail expecialy for this Dynasty Mode.You start off by making a coach.But they dont give you much options on that his body can either be medium,XL,or XXL.THIS,this is what really made me wonder about this game..You can choose what you want your coach to be,caucasion,or African American.ALL AND I DO MEAN ALL!all of the African American faces are all racist in a way(MY OPINION)they either have weird head shapes , messed up foreheads, Long and squished in noses,Buck teeth too!

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Best NCAA Fball to date!

posted by FPSVET85 (DAYTON, OH) May 7, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

EA has finally done it! They have made a college football game that looks so life-like & real along with near perfect controls. With Bose HT i feel like i'm in the game as my heart beats faster snap by spap. The graphics are the best of any EA Sports game i've seen as you feel ammersed in the game. The addition of Road to Glory Mode has taken the NCAA franchise to a whole new level. What this game lacks in glitching here & there it more than makes up for it with the Gameplay. I currently have 5 seasons under my belt with 5 National Titles on Heisman Mode with The Ohio State Buckeyes. I have earned the Unstoppable Gold Trophy by beating a team by 35+ points on Heisman Difficulty. Online players, bring your controllers if you dare! Only major complaint= Online Pass Code. Nearly every new game has it... Pure Greed! Buy this game its worth the $19.99. Rent & Keep

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Good Game!

posted by GeneralxRampage (COPLAY, PA) Apr 20, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

I've never been a huge sports game fan, but I do like to play some and this is one of them!

Pros: Great graphics and good game modes, like road to glory where you start off as a senior in high school.

Cons: Alot of loading and can be slow

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