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posted by QueenCityRebel (BUFFALO, NY) Sep 19, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

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This installment is the worst ever! The most glaring problem is the ridiculously stupid the AI players; they wont pick up blocks they are supposed to, the wont look and catch the ball, and the Referee AI has missed so many interference calls they would be fired on the spot in real life. I truly cant understand why people like this game.

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Would be awesome if it worked

posted by maxpower64 (HOUSTON, TX) Aug 26, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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It gets a 3 instead of a 1 because all the new features are great and vastly improve the game... when it actually works. This game is practically unplayable do to constant freezing, especially in Dynasty modes. No game I've ever owned has induced as many random system freezes as this one. It'll do at game load, it'll randomly do it mid-game, it'll do it as I scroll down a list of something. It'll freeze as it loads out of a game back to the main menu. I've given up trying to play this game for more than 15 minutes without it locking my entire xbox up. And it isn't just my disc, I traded the first one in and it continued to do it with the replacement. EA released an update that was supposed to fix this and many other game play issues but it only got WORSE!!! And I know I'm not alone, there has been plenty of chatter on the forums at EA's website that others are experiencing the same problem. My advice.... don't bother with NCAA 11, wait until they have a version that works or go back to NCAA 10.

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Very Good

Good But still need work

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Jul 22, 2010

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Ok I have Played NCAA for many Years and they get better every year. One thing That doesnt Get better is The Running Backs in The Road to Glory Mode, They and the Recievers will still run Right To The Defense even if there is a Hole for them big enough for a City Bus to Go Through sideways. There has to be some way of making Them Run for the Hole and Not To where there are Players waiting to Tackle them. I read the other Reviews and I am Puzzeled By The ones That Give it a Low score. I Have had None of those Problems I guess if You dont Like American Football You wont Like this game.Now if EA would get the AI Right They would have a Great game but as it is They have a good game

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