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Is there only so much that a football game can do?

posted by Igame2 (GLENMOORE, PA) Jul 20, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

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I am a football fan and will play any football game. I liked this game even though it is essentially the same as last years game. It does have some things that are better then last years.


I think the graphics and animations have improved from last years edition. I noticed they fixed the stutter step when running straight down the field from last years game. They have added some new tackles and catches. I like the fact that if you are hit as you throw it messes up the pass.

I like the road to glory mode even though it is the same as all the RPG football modes before it. The Erin Andrews part is a pretty cool addition. I wish they would put more stuff like that in this game and Madden. Plays of the week with Chris Berman would be awesome. Whooop!

Online Dynasty is awesome. You cant cheat either cause it tells how many time you start a game. You also only have save points at specific spots which is nice. It prevents restarts of the dynasty to get the recruits you want.


The AI is ridiculous sometimes when it comes to trying to make every game interesting. Some games are going to be blowouts! I mean to make me fumble 3 straight plays when it is down by 14 is just stupid. Not to mention the penalties on third down and the holding/clipping calls on every run over 30 yards. The cheap calls and events(fumbles/dropped passes) got to be very predictable and very frustrating.

Kirk Herbstreet's voice could have been synced better. It sounds liked it was recorded at different times with different mics at times.

The fact that they want us to pay for features of DLC that should be in the game is just ludacris!

Like I said to start, I would play any football game just because I like football. They did fix and add stuff to this game but whether it is worth it to purchase is personal choice. I myself will not purchase this game but I will surely get my fill and have several draft classes before I return it to GF.

Hope this helps, Peace

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posted by NoobRecker (CAPE ELIZABETH, ME) Jul 14, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

26 out of 42 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

This game is probably what every football was trying to do. This game took a crazy turn for the better. The game play is super and the controls are just the same. I didn't adjust much, but before i got the game I played the demo and wow was I impressed. The graphics are amazing and the new feature on defense is cool because instead of seeing the Offense when your on defense playing the Computer you can turn the view so you play defense like your on offense. Its a very good game and I can't stop playing online the whole game is spectacular and I hope your enjoy it as much as I do.

10 of 10 =)

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EA needs to rethink this one.

posted by temple10 (LOWELL, AR) Jul 26, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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For the most part I am very disappointed in NCAA2010. This is a clear example of EA sports trying to maximize profit. This game is the same as last year; graphics, sounds, players and CPU's AI. All EA did was add in what they thought were cool features, for instance Season showdown, Road to glory, and Teambuilder, ETC... Are you serious! EA didnt listen to any of their fans from last year, We asked for a better atmosphere of players and coaches on the sideline, staduim, sounds, better AI, half time review, an improvemnet of graphics, the list went on and on and nothing was done. Hopefully they will see a decline of sales and decide to take a new route with next year.

Dont get me wrong I am a huge EA fan, just really disappointed in this one. Though from what I see in Madden 10 the game looks pretty good and Demo shows some new graphics and play style. Maybe EA was short on funds and could only put money into Madden 10, if thats the case so be it, but never disappoint your your fans and lose your reputation.

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