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Same old Same old

posted by idontno (PITTSFIELD, MA) Jul 22, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

4 out of 7 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

If you have last year's game, then you have this year's as well. There is no new cool features other than a couple mini games, and the game play looks exactly the same. When we first got it, i came up stairs and truly believed it was the 08 version. The campus legend is no different, other than in last year's game there were choices every day that were kind of interesting. This year those interesting choices are gone, and you have the same 4 choices every day. I was very disappointed, don't buy a game that you already have just a year newer. Also, there are no announcers, and even though they became sort of annoying at times, the game is very boring now.

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NCAA 09 Doesn't Impress

posted by popimp92 (MILL CREEK, WA) Jul 25, 2008

Member since May 2005

7 out of 13 gamers (54%) found this review helpful

I thought this was going a special year for both NCAA and Madden, but so far NCAA 09 has been a let down. I'm hoping Madden won't fail us again this year, we'll see soon. Visually the game has some basic improvements, but none that make you go WOW! "This is a major improvement over last year" Is it me, or does the computer move down the field on offense with ease on every single game played? Even with the AI sliders adjusted in my favor 100% to the CPU's 25%, the game selected to the easiest setting, the CPU had no trouble moving down the field on me. I had a lot of trouble running the ball, however passing seemed easy enough and was pretty decent. Now I'm not the worse player in the world and I thought this was just odd that the CPU could offensively dismantle me with such ease. Maybe they programmed the game this way to make it more competitive I don't know. The brief screen pause after certain plays was something strange, but my main complaint was that this game got repetitive over time. The same music, the same game cut celebrations to the cheerleaders, nothing to keep the title fresh for repeat play. Why can't EA put out something new and inovative with all that the new game systems capabilities can offer? Perhaps it's because EA has a monopoly on the football game market and as long as they do, they can recycle the same garbage year after year with just a few added features every other year to keep the masses semi satisfied. I haven't purchased an NCAA football game since '06 which was a great game! since then though, nothing new to make me want to spend the money. Don't waste your money purchasing this game, rent it for a week if you would like, but chances are you'll be bored of it after a few days. EA YOU SUCK!

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posted by livndltrok (SAINT PAUL, MN) Jan 1, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Definatly the best football game I've ever played. Really brings the true excitment of College football into the game.

-Completely loaded with over 100 teams, and all of the rivalries and trophies.
-Great player and team attribute levels, you can tell who a lot of the players are even though they don't have their true names.
-Graphics are above average.
-Campus Legend mode is awesome.

-Camera work could be better. Example: After an interception the camera spin is weird.
-At times a reciever will catch a pass and be clearly out of bounds but the refs call it a compleation

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