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Gameplay, especially both defenses, are just bad.

posted by blazer003 (EUGENE, OR) Nov 19, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

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I'm a huge NCAA football fan, and while many opined the 07 and 08 releases on the next gen consoles, I genuinely enjoyed them. 07 had a lot of flaws, but I was willing to let that go as the first release, and overall I enjoyed the game. 08 was great. Again some people complained, but online play was very fun, very competitive and absolutely required skill.

09 fixed the one biggest complaint I had with 08, and when I first played the game I thought, yes, this is wonderful. I think that's what the people at Gamespot and IGN got with their first impressions when they wrote they're reviews too.

But start playing a little more, and you start to realize just how atrocious the defense play is. Where do I start?

-There is no line pressure without MAJOR tweaks to the sliders. Online (ranked match), you obviously can't edit the sliders, so you're doomed to have the QB sit back there for 10+ seconds until one of your DBs makes a stupid move.

-Zones are completely worthless as your players do not play them correctly. Not making any effort to actually play their area, they just stand there as players cross in and out and underneath their zones.

I could go on and on about little things, but I'd run out of room. Wrong pursuit angles, getting sucked in to blocks (still, after all these years since about 02 or 03).

But wait, there's a new feature! Online dynasty. I'm willing to give a little slack as again it's the first release of this feature, but there are a couple major glitches which include schedule corruption, and not being able to convince players to stay.

Overall it's just not fun to play, which isn't to say I don't win. We have sliders so incredibly tweaked to try to get good gameplay for our online dynasty (on our 3rd because of schedule corruption) and it actually makes the game playable. It is definitely way harder than your average Heisman settings. The core of any sports game has to be it's gameplay, and EA fails with it in NCAA 09.

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NCAA 09 Defines the College Football Experience!

posted by IceMaster (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Jul 15, 2008

Member since Nov 2005

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I only give this game a 9 because of the major bug where the roster freezes (this will be fixed APSP) Also the player models dont look the best. The O-Line looks like the running backs. Other than that this game is very impressive. One of the standouts it online dynasty where you can play with your frinds and others online to compete to see whos the best of the best. NCAA 09 also gives you the feel that you are actually playing as your favorite college team with a real college atmosphere, the cheer leaders, the really loud crowd, and much more. The QB on the away team will get nervous under pressure and the team can screw up many ways. It really puts that "im the away team" fell into it. Also user celibration is a very un thing to do so making a TD NEVER GETS OLD! The all new open lanes stuff is amazing also. You can juke out your defenders and it takes skill to do it. Custom music is also making its way here with over 50 songs! Overall this game is a very good game to buy (not saying must buy) or rent.

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player names

posted by ruger34 (SALIDA, CO) Jul 22, 2008

Member since Feb 2006

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This is for the guy who has know idea what he is talking about. The NCAA does not allow EA to use these kids names, in any game ever. the names you got in 08 were made up name by the computer. Your gripe should be with the NCAA not EA. if they used there names then the NCAA would have to pay collage athletes, and that's never going to happen so get informed before you make a fool of your self.

Lithium OUWS

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