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Great game, bad disc

posted by nsayshabul (OPELOUSAS, LA) Nov 17, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

I have always loved the EA football series on a college and pro level. Just so happen that the previous renter of my disc must have abused it because I noticed that everytime any voice would speak on the game, it would show as an error, and lets not talk about online play :( Maybe next time around?

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GF Rating

Very Good

Hardcore Football fan review...

posted by mjdunn (FORT PIERCE, FL) Jul 23, 2008

Member since May 2008

10 out of 12 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

You may not notice any big changes between '08 and '09 but I assure you there are changes.

The graphics have been updated and look much smoother this year. The views of the stadium before each game are top notch.

There are a lot of little tweaks here and there that truly have made the game much better than last years.

If you are into the dynasty mode, the new quick call feature is a very nice addition.

Many more alternate uniforms for many teams.

Before each game, as the game loads, you get a screen that gives you a little history lesson of the school you are playing as... it is a nice little touch.

The play calling menu is probably the best so far. You can highlight a play and press A to select it, or don't move the cursor and press button listed above each play. When you step on the field you can view the actual play you call or you can view a bluff play. This is one of the nicest additions to the game if you play head to head on the same TV.

You and up to 3 friends can play on the same team...even in dynasty mode.

Sadly to say the game does have some draw backs...HB's that break into the open run kinda funny...was that dude in jail last night or something?

The stadium sound editor is horrible. They had a great idea in that you set certain sound events for all teams or a specific team when something specific happens. That part is cool...You will need to cut up your own tracks as the game doesn't allow you to cut the tracks from within (like the 2k series did) and you'll need to adjust the volume from the settings. My issue really is that it doesn't sound like stadium music... it should sound like it is coming from the stadium... it sounds like you just put a CD in your xbox. The other big complaint is that the music is about 3-5 seconds late and just sounds out of place.

If you have been waiting for this game...go get it. If you are a madden dynasty junkie, at the very least rent it so you can create yourself draft classes for madden.

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Above Average

Completely bugged out!

posted by JayWeb (HILLIARD, OH) Jul 26, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

14 out of 19 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

I am just like every other 360 owner that buys madden and ncaa each year even though I know they are gonna deal out the same garbage with new rookies and even more kinks. Its really depressing that we have to solely rely on the monopolistic sports game of EA. Lack of Competition=unworthy games.

NCAA 09 is a decent game and its ok to play an online game every now and then but for the most part its not worthy of a purchase. there are so many bugs within the game. I play on heisman mode and me and my friends average 1-2 kick returns a game. Its very aggravating and unrealistic. OSU and Georgia are 99's and are pretty much like unstoppable forces. its not uncommon for me to break 50 yd runs with chris wells every other play. Sliders are a waste of time because they make the game to easy and unenjoyable. Blocking is either way to difficult or nonexistent there is no inbetween which you will find with almost everything. Campus legend is absolutely ridiculous, i honestly played through the high school part and won 50+ to 0 each game. how exciting is that? got to love never being able to pick your play as well.

Finally, something new was introduced in the ONLINE DYNASTY which seemed interesting by being able to invite 12 of your friends and play together, but that would only be true if it actually worked. We had 12 guys ready to go (recruits done and all) when we started the server erased everyones information. We checked online forums and thousands of people were having the same problem. Some of them were 3 seasons into their dynasty with people before theirs landed them back to preseason and all their info was gone!

EA never fails to disappoint, maybe when they get out the bugs it will be worth a purchase, but rent it first and find out for yourself. Say your prayers that madden will finally give us what we've been waiting for.

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