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Good but still needs tweaking.

posted by humans (GLENROCK, WY) Jul 30, 2008

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There were some needed improvements over last years title, and here are a few examples:

PROS: Looks better especially during snow games. During blowouts the fans disperse. Lighting is very nice especially during cold and early evening (sunset) games.
CONS: There is no field degradation over time. Bad teams start each game with a sold out stadium.

Game play Graphics:
PROS: Hip flexion (they don't have broomsticks for spines). More variety in catching and celebration graphics. Cheerleaders, I know it's fluff and stuff but they are the most realistic and natural moving animations in the game.
CONS: Players have no awareness of sidelines (they step out of bounds too often when attempting a juke or spin near the sidelines). Awkward dive animation (they cross their legs before they dive and it takes too long for the player to dive).

PROS: New recruitment option to allow the CPU take care of some of the more tedious options (like feeling out what the player is interested in during phone calls). You can improve a bad team year after year, and your national rankings start top 5 the year after winning a National Championship (unlike last year when a bad team would win, then the next year you would start ranked in the 40-50's).
CONS: Special games don't feel special. After winning the National Championship nothing special happens (just a pop-up stating congratulations for winning the National Championship). Commentary for the most part seems recycled from previous titles.

PROS: Harder to score inside the 10 yard line. Homefield advantage; you actually have a harder time beating the home team (especially at the "hardest places to play").
CONS: Pass defense is weak (especially in zone coverage). Pass completion% way too high; for fun I maxed out all of my DB's ratings, and the small school (bad) QB still got an 80%.

Overall it is a good game and an improvement over last years title, but EA still has some work to do.

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Very Good

sadly like madden

posted by gamermania (PALESTINE, TX) Apr 22, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

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i like this game dont get me wrong its just that the controls just dont let you block tackels that much the graphics are pretty good its more like madden 07 though and the game itself is bit slower but i kinda like it that way so you wont always be getting sacked or throwing interseptions every team is evenly macthed but say you have an opponet that has the skill level of 70 he'll act like he is level 80 witch gets on my nerves but im not trying to get people to not rent the game just dont buy it rent its a nice game just hope they do better with it in ncaa 2010

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Very Good

not even as good as the PS2 version

posted by danielbluv (HAYDEN, AL) Jan 22, 2009

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i have the ps3 and ps2 versions of this game..i like the ps2 game better...there is way more you can do on it..the ps3 version doesn't have FCS teams(div 1-AA), create a team, it won't even let you edit your special teams except punt returner and kick returner,you can't do formation subs and i don't like the play selection screen when you play against another person you know what's coming..the punt and kick returns are ridiculous!you get like 40 yards every time...has swiss cheese defenses(full of holes)...Quarterback accuracy is unreal you pass for like 85%...but i do like the dynasty mode has very in depth recruiting, the stadiums look great,has good college atmosphere on it,you can add your own stadium music for different game situations

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