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NCAA Football 09 All-Play

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Decent game, but lacks special features.

posted by Pitch328 (FAYETTEVILLE, NY) Dec 10, 2008

Member since Apr 2006

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When I decided to try this game, I was hoping for more than what was given.

The game does feature a Mascot and Dynasty feature, but this game seriously lacks the ability to create your own school or player (which was available even back in NCAA Football 2003). What's more upsetting is that you can only edit a football player's profile and ratings, but you can't change the player's equipment nor appearance.

For the pros, you can create your own playbook and audibles, and the game features a unique way to use those motion-sensing controls. Of course, the game would be more entertaining if you were playing against another player.

Although the game is entertaining at first, it'll get boring without the features that the past NCAA Football titles had. Overall, not worth buying.

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Much better than it's Ratings

posted by Jets24 (KYLE, TX) Sep 13, 2008

Member since Apr 2006

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I've been playing football games since Tecmo Bowl and 10-yard fight on the NES. This game is much better than it's getting credit for. I would have to guess players aren't giving this game enough play before making their evaluations. I've put a good 40+ hours in and this game is a hit.

- Great use of the WII motion controls from Tackling to throwing.
- Dynasty mode is very deep and detailed
- Challenging but easy enough to pull of running TDs, return TDs, and long bomb TDs.

- Graphics aren't great, but this is typical of NCAA games that eat up memory with all of the details
- Lots of Fumbles and INTs, but makes it fun because games can turn in an instant

This game also features a simplistic system for younger players so they can enjoy it too, such as simplified plays and controls without all of the buttons and details. If you're a sports fan, give this game a shot.

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An Insult to NCAA Football Fans

posted by Bozo33 (WESTERVILLE, OH) Jul 18, 2008

Member since May 2006

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I've owned every NCAA Football title since 1999. I've loved all of them. Until now. This game is an insult to fans of this series. They've completely dumbed down this game. I can understand the All-Play control setup so parents can play with their kids, but they didn't have to kill the rest of the game. I wouldn't play this game if somebody gave it to me for free. I feel insulted by this game.


- I guess the All-Play controls for families


- Cartoon-like graphics after scores. Stupid celebrations. Cartoon style movement when sprinting.

- No Campus Legend Mode

- Old style recruiting, rather than the next-gen style.

- No ability to export draft class to Madden

This list really could go on, these were just the biggest negatives. This game truly is a piece of trash that totally alienates long time fans of the series.

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