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More of the same

posted by sentineles (RESTON, VA) Oct 20, 2007

Member since Feb 2006

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The jacked up frame rates (from 30 to 60 fps) slows the screen changes way too much for the minimal improvement that is noticed in on-the-field game play. The same issues that have plagued EA football games years are still unresolved. The following is my continued list of complaints with EA football:

1. Poor defensive back AI
2. Incompetent blockers
3. Inability to lead the receiver (IE throwing the ball where the receiver is not where he will be)
4. Inability to throw a lob or bullet
5. The absurd leaping ability/closing ability to DBs
6. Too many broken tackles by computer
7. Computer offense's ability to move the ball at will at times regardless of my superiority or play calling. To this end, the inability of my 90+ defensive linemen to make any headway against offensive linemen ranking in the 70s while my 90+ offensive linemen cannot stop the push of d-linemen in the 70s.
8. No-value added gimmicks (ie snapshots which is what I find causes most of my slowdowns)

Other than that, the game is enjoyable. Recruiting has never been more fun and the overall game is improving but the fundamental flaws cause any EA game from getting a higher score from me.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Solid, not amazing, but fun

posted by mbezlr (SEATTLE, WA) Jul 23, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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Let's face it, the last year of EA was kind of light on improving gameplay. The same bad reciever and DB AI, same awkward interactions, just a really fresh coat of paint.
Yeah, 08 is still an EA football game, but most of the kinks have been worked out. The defense isn't quite as stupid, there are no more pantomime tackles, and the campus legend is a nice addition, especially with the 'sim to my next play' feature sony's had for 4 years. There are nice hits, way more animations, and no cutscenes. The actual graphics appear largely untouched, but considering the amazing graphics were the best part of 07, it's good to have some decent gameplay behind the shiny helmets. Dynasty mode is way deeper than last year, the new recruiting is at least a little better than having 4 pitches like last year.
This is a really fun game, and I'm glad to see somebody pull together a decent football sim. If you love football, by all means, go for it, while it's a long way from perfect, 08 is a substantial improvement over last year, and finally, you can sim to the end of games. So, this game will not disappoint you, and if you like football video games, you'll like NCAA08.

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Football is back

posted by FSUdude (NOTTINGHAM, MD) Jul 17, 2007

Member since May 2007

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Let me start by saying I HATED the "next generation" grade F junk that has been released over the last few years. EA has bounced back with NCAA 08' with awesome recruiting, SMMMMOOOOOTTH graphics, and player movements. If you have been disappointed by the past few Madden titles you will be shocked by this great game.

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