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Very Good

Not bad for a first attempt at Next Gen

posted by Daburnisit (ROME, NY) Aug 9, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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This game is a Solid 8 for me, and while there are issues with it, I must also say that for a first try on the PS3 console, this was a good job. One thing many people seem to be forgetting is that on EVERY console that is the next step up from the prior generation the sports games ALL lose some features till the coding teams for the game maker can catch up to the new hardware and system capabilities. Don't worry folks, NCAA '09 will have the Create a Team feature again.

Looks good, while the frames may not be as high as it is on the 360 (30 vs. 60 according to some sources) it still looks fantastic while playing on my 40" HDTV.

Solid gameplay, while it is missing some features I loved in prior PS2 versions such as create a team and other things of that sort, the actual gameplay is still solid. Its solid enough where you can tell the difference between a guy with an 85 Speed rating an a 90 whereas is earlier versions there wasn't a noticeable drop off.

It meets my pigskin fix needs till Madden comes out

Supersim, good heavens above I love this feature, I stink at Offense, but kill at D, now I don't have to play both in order to get through a game!

Lack of some features such as create a team, but as noted at the beginning, this is the 1st generation version of this game on a new platform, and it will take some time for the coders at EA to learn how to work with PS3 and then they will re-add them as they learn more with working on the system.

I miss the Crowd level meter, that was something that truly changed the experience of playing NCAA and Madden.

Recruiting in Dynasty Mode, I am a hardcore sim guy, I drooled over last years Owner mode on the PS2 Madden and didn't mind the system they had in place for NCAA on PS2 either. But this year it just aggravates me trying to recruit blue-chip prospects or anyone. They made the system very convoluted and more time intensive than needed. I want recruiting to be simple, easy, and then play

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NCAA 2008 Football (WOW!) PS3 version

posted by MrBadd (RESTON, VA) Sep 26, 2007

Member since Jun 2005

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The game's controls for the PS3 is very smooth I was pretty impressed. But the thing that makes this game amazing.. is the College Campus Legend Challenge... I'm having so much fun creating myself as a player and moving up the ranks on the team... shooting for legend status. The fact you can choose from any position... choose whatever school you want (depending on how good you show off your skills during the high school tourney determines what colleges will offer you)... able to increase your attributes, ectt.. all of that makes this games play back value go up 10 fold!

Dynasty mode is still wonderful, but the best part is the recruitment section... so much detail. I love it!

Very nicely done. I highly recommend playing it for these two factors!

9 out of 10.

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posted by Grad96 (ORLANDO, FL) Jul 23, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

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Be careful before you purchase this title. It is overall a good game but it does not live up to the NCAA's of the past. My kids and I age 14 and 8 always in the past have created schools and added them into conferences. I, as well as my kids, hate that about the new one. You can not create schools. My Pensacola Wolves are no more! There is also no more 1-AA teams to build with if you choose.
On top of all that the new way of choosing plays is horrible.
Also I ask you why does the maker insist upon changing the controls every year.
Recruiting is very deep(a lot to do) and I hope it is consistent. If it is random this game will be a flop for me.

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