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Campus Life Is Good

posted by Dewyduster (SEYMOUR, CT) Aug 25, 2006

Member since Sep 2004

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I rented this game on a whim. Actually I was waiting to get Madden and figured this would satisfy my football jones. This game is great! I love the little extras that they put into it to make it more than just another football game.

I played it in Campus Legend mode. First off you create your player and pick his position. Next you have to try out! This is awesome. The level of college teams you can play on depends on how you do in the tryouts.

Once you are on campus you have much more to deal with than just playing football. You have to keep your grades up and juggle your social life and extra practices. Don't let your GPA fall below 1.8 or you will be suspended from the team. You can hire a tutor who will give you pop quizzes to keep you sharp. Oh, did I mention that you have to pick your major? They have the "easy" majors like phys ed and the more difficult ones like English. I picked US history. Pick one you are comfortable with because you HAVE TO TAKE EXAMS!!!

In your dorm room you can read fan mail, edit your player and check your grades. Also you can log on to your computer and check the top 25 rankings, the Heismann standings (you might see your name there!) or just see your season stats.

The actual gameplay of the football is great. You have a seemingly endless selection of offensive and defensive plays to choose from. It will take some getting used to what each play does before you are comfortable, especially passing plays.

The only one bad thing about the game is that it seems your team plays down to the level of talent sometimes. I once played a team that I should have blown out and I lost because my players turned the ball over 9 times!!!

This game is a definite rent. I am seriously considering purchasing it because it is so much fun. I will try online soon but I still have to hone my skills a bit more.

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posted by MichaelTP (RIVERSIDE, CA) Nov 20, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

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I think that this was the best NCAA game I have ever played. I loved how realistic it was!!! You have to study (in Campus Legend Mode) and if your grades drop you get suspended from the team. You also have to tryout and pick your position. It has great gameplay and is a great overall game.Well, if you have not played this game immedietly go buy/rent it, you will have a lot of fun.

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way better than madden

posted by shorts1 (GIRARD, PA) Jan 23, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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ok this game is awsome and it really shows how it actually happens in real life. its way better than the madden series bc you get more freedom with your player. the movement,pulse playing, and graphics are the best ive seen on a football game for x-box, (sorry madden) so i highly recommend this game for the sports fans out there, well even the shooter fans and action fans out there will love this game too

rent or buy

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