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So Short of Being Good

posted by Catfish25 (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Jul 2, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

Game Menus are great. Easy to manuver and understand. People complain about the lack of game modes but what kind of game modes would you be looking for on an NCAA Basketball game? Dynasty mode is good, well to a point. Im a little confused with the recruiting part. They clearly tried to make it like NCAA Football but tried to spice it up so much that it failed. There is no explanation of how to use it, no walk through, no hints nothing.

Throughout the dynasty there are goals that come up such as win your first home game and obtain funding for a new building. You pick a building to create, such as a new weight room, and your team gets +1 speed, agility and strength. This is cool. Gives you some incentive to destroy the away team. Plus the preseason and post season tournaments are fun.

The game play is where this game takes a dump. Graphics are terrible. Players look like they have marshmallow faces, it is obvious there are preprogrammed movements in the game. Sort of like NBA Jam Arcaid where you do a dunk at a certain angle to the basket and it does the same motion every time. Ive done some ridiculous dunks from two steps off the side 3-point line over 2 people. Thats not realistic. The prohop for scoring down low is junk. R2 plus left or right on the left joystick. Barely ever works. C and PF suck at ball handling skills so if you screw up the ball hop they try to juke or spin and lose the ball every time. Try running baseline under the hoop, this will never work. You get pushed out of bounds and your player trys to keep in and loses the possession every time. Players are confused when it comes to a loose ball and free throws are attrocious. Key on defense is to run a 2-3 Zone. Confuses the CPU all the time and I cannot lose. Play uptempo ball and you will cruise to victory. 3 point shooters with high consistancy are also death to the CPU. They have no answer for that.
EA Sports put this game out because they were obligated. Or so it seems. Maybe next year?

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GF Rating


Not that bad

posted by DJDemond (NATIONAL CITY, CA) Feb 3, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

I have been playing EA March Madness/NCAA Hoops since the franchise came out and I feel that this 2010 version is a very good game. Some mistakes in AI and the backcourt and out of bounds issues are there, but less rampant that NBA LIVE 10. But the reality and the time it probably took to incorporate both CBS and ESPN's graphics packages in the same game is amazing. I play in surround sound and a couple of times while playing it was very hard to tell people that a real college game wasn't on. Especially how CBS incorporates that swoosh kinda sound on each replay and when they are showing any type of stat overlay on the screen. Maybe most aren't as into that aspect of sports gaming as I am, but since I am, I have to give this game a 9. Good job EA. I hope you guys incorporate this the college football as well since they are both mostly broadcast on ESPN and CBS as well. The CBS and Fox presentation styles would be sweet on the Madden while you're at it!

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