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NBA Live 09

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Pay for NBA Live 365??? Smells like BS to me!!!

posted by dman77777 (MIAMI, FL) Oct 10, 2008

Member since Dec 2003

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Honestly this is probably the best version of NBA Live but it still pales in comparison to the 2K series, but I had to try it for the Live 365 feature. When I put the game in and they requested 800 microsoft points for the 365 feature needless to say I was kind of mad. I know the code for 365 comes with the game if you buy it but that is why I have Gamefly so that I don't have to buy games that I might not like. I'm just tired of how these companies nickel and dime console gamers for updates and other DLC that should be free. Just for this reason alone and the fact that 2K9 is a better game and a has a feature similar to 365 that is FREE I have to brand this game with a 1 rating.

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posted by jwdillar (HOUSTON, TX) Mar 11, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

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The game play is all jacked up. There are major glitches. You can run through defenders from time to time, the ball may freeze in mid-air, and your player may "dunk the ball" when really the player and the ball are no where near the rim. The other major NBA title is so much better than this game. I suggest some one get 2K9 before this game, and that is coming from a VERY loyal EA Sports user. I bet even the programmers of this game would rather play 2K9.

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Very Good

A fun basketball game

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Oct 8, 2008

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Ive played some basketball games but not that many so i dont really have much to compare this game too, but i thought this was a very fun game. This game has very good graphics first of all. I think a new thing in this NBA game is NBA live 365 which i think is something where it updates everyday with real world things or something, i couldnt try it out because i didnt feel like paying 800 microsoft points(IMPORTANT!!! by the way if you buy the game it comes with a code for this). Xbox Live is pretty fun if you have some friends that have this game, but if your friends dont have this game i would just suggest you play alone. I think this game is difficult but very possible to win. Which will make it fun and not too easy or hard. I like this game a lot and it is a very good pick for your GameQ and i think its a very nice buy for many of the great features of the game.

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