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Same Old Song And Dance

posted by 360fever (GRIFFIN, GA) Dec 30, 2008

Member since May 2008

Nba Live 09 All Play,Is the same game as last year.Live has just changed the name.To me,this is a boring game.You hardly ever miss the shots,and your opponent never misses.the graphics are alright,the sound is ok,I could never get the camera to look like the 360. I am sick and tired of EA Sports games on the Wii,Being watered down,And taking a back seat to the PS3,and the 360.Try this game for yourself,and see what I am talking about.

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Above Average

Above Average but one of few aval for Wii

posted by kevvy1979 (GENTRY, AR) Oct 21, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

If you have played any of the previous NBA live games like I have ,then expect the same type of up and down game your accustomed to. The only difference is the 3 point shootout, and slam dunk contest along with the 2 on 2 option added in party mode.

The slam dunk contest has you do a certain motion with the controller to perform a type of dunk. For instance for the tomahawk you would move the controller upward then back down when prompted. The 3 point shootout has you grab the ball then raise the controller up to jump up and then swing it down at the peak to release it.

That's how you shoot in a regular 5 on 5 game as well, with the option to switch to classic controller in setup so that you can just press 2 instead of the motion. I like both ways its just depends on what style fits you. Check out the controls first before you get into a game so know what to expect.

On the graphics front its not bad as reviewed if you are watching on a plasma or LCD HD with 480p.Dont expect 360/ps3 type character animations as the graphics are a little above ps2 level for the players/court.

I would of rated it higher if not for the lack of response when using the controller for the jump and steal motions and the same up and down ball play that has not been corrected in previous live games.

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First Review: All Play Does Not= All Play: Get 360

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Oct 9, 2008

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Member since Nov 2004

EA said 08 was dissapointing well Fifa was outstanding, NBA was very good, Madden was great and yet this year is starting to be dissapointing!
This is slighly improved over last year; which was very basic. This year the menu is stream lined with better music and way more options.The texures are better but still lacking. However; with the new passing system it is a hit and miss. {I AM NOT looking forward to Fifa for the Wii; just the 360 and PS3}. When you pass you sometimes shoot the ball half court and all you wanted was to take the ball; other times it works. The AI is brutal to say the least; they score points from far away but even when you dunk it in it does not count. The 2 on 2 is sloppy at best and does not work well. I am not going to get the Wii version anymore (not even to rent)!

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