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NBA Live 09 for Wii leaves mixed feelings

posted by IanADale (AUBURNDALE, FL) Nov 12, 2008

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First off, I'm not a huge gamer -- not since the original NES have I been all that active in gaming. That being said, I tried NBA Live 09 for the Wii before buying, and I'm still not sure I'll drop $50 on this one.

The gameplay is pretty good, the All Play and Classic options give great flexibility for controls. I was disappointed that the Slam Dunk Contest was limited to 1 round in single player mode, but I was glad to see simplified controls compared to the last NBA Live game I'd played on PS2.

I still gave this game an 8, so it has a lot going for it. I loved the 3-point Contest and the 5-on-5. Superstar mode looks like a smart idea too. Maybe a fantasy draft like Madden would be a fun addition, but I'm a little biased to that game franchise.

In summary, this is a fun game and probably the best basketball game out now. The graphics are more fun than realistic (of course it's not the PS3), but it was a good overall experience. I would recommend it still for any sports fan, especially if you have friends to play it with -- locally or online.

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"NBA Live 09" Lacking Enthusiasm

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 9, 2008

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When the title said this game was "All Play", it meant it was to be played by the casual gamers.
The controls are so simple that you don't have to move the player about at all. You can pass, shoot, or try to block or steal. It's easy to pick up and play.
But the problem is the experience is very sluggish. The players walk up and down the court in a leisurely fashion, making the game very dull to watch.
Defense is almost non existent; it's easy for the ball handler to dribble right to the basket or pass it to the open player for the automatic shot.
The commentators don't add anything to the mix; sometimes they say the same remark three or four times in a row.
NBA 2K9 isn't a thrill to look at either; the graphics are the same as they were in 08.
In fact, most of the features of this game are copied over from 08; there's very little improvement in this installment.
The copied features include the Party Mode with mini games that have the same lack of energy or enthusiasm that is in the main modes. Definitely not worth $50.
Unless you really want to play a very basic and simplistic basketball game, skip NBA Live 09.

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posted by MichaelW (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Feb 9, 2009

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This has to be the worst basketball game ever. The "All play" controls are annoying for anyone who actually wants to play the game. There doesn't appear to be anything that allows you to disable the "all play" settings, and just control everything on your own. Instead you'll constantly fight with the computer over control of movement and other controls.

The players all move slow, it's WAY too easy to steal, for instance, I averaged 20+ steals a game, while passing is annoying as it's completly too easy to have passes picked off.

There is nothing to this game, calling plays do not work, instead you just make a regular pass. Find your 3-point specialist on your team every play, and have him shoot it, as long as he's got some space he'll make it over 90% of the time.

I absolutely hate this game, it is horrible. Not to mention, the stats for most players are unrealistic.

Examples - Dwight Howard has range just short of 3, Deron Williams cannot dunk, and sucks at passing, Mike Dunleavy is a top 10 player, Carmelo Anthony is an elite rebounder, and the Knicks are decent.

The people who made this game obviously do not watch basketball.

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