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GF Rating

Very Good

Found it better than most are saying...

posted by Bergshot (KENT, WA) Oct 8, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

This is a fun game that has gotten unjustified poor reviews. The graphics are among the best of the wii games so far. The camera angle and movement makes the game much better than basketball games of the past. The controls are very responsive and have a great overall feel, making the game feel fairly realistic. And, there are numerous game modes and options to play with. Overall, the game is fun from either an arcade or simulation point of view. Include online play and you have a great overall game.

There are some small issues, however. The lack of a turbo button makes the game feel a little different, but it is by no means problematic. The "party mode" feels a little forced, it seems like too many games are trying to piggyback the success of warioware, etc.

All in all, Live 08 is a great change of pace from the fastbreak dunkathons that has been the standard in this franchise.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Well its the first one after all

posted by pokekid (WOODBRIDGE, VA) Oct 5, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

The reason I gave it a six wasnt the graphics they were awesome not the features online was cool.
The reason was the gameplay and the not so good controls.
Well heres what I will give it.
Graphics- 9 Not like the Ps3 but still good for Wii
Controls- 1 Well sorry to say I don't want the players to jump every time I tell them to steal.
Features- 8 Good set of gameplay moods.
Online- 9 Good for the Wii. And playing with other people is great.
Gameplay - 1 Thats where it all ends. You may think its good but trust me its NOT. And you cant run you just jog slowly.
AI- 1 You its sucks when the other teams just stand there doing nothing and you can score everytime.
Bottom Line - 6 Not worthy of it but since its the first I'll give it a 6.

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GF Rating


not impressed

posted by Holden28 (BEDFORD, TX) Oct 5, 2007

Member since Apr 2003

The character models where blocky, movement was pretty hoaky. Not have a turbo button really angered me. I couldn't see the point in throwing in motion controll into the game. Everything you needed motion control for you could do with the A and B buttons. I'm going to check tonight to see if have the option to map the buttons. That would make my rating go up at least 3 points. They got the motion controls WRONG in this game. Played several games and never once was able to dunk the ball. Jukes moves are practically (if not) non-existent. I'm so glad I rented this game instead of buying it.

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