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GF Rating

Very Good

NBA LIVE is Great

posted by Stoudemart (NEWBURY PARK, CA) Oct 7, 2006

Member since May 2006

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

NBA LIVE 2007 is a very good game. The game play is much improved and the offense is realistic. The soundtrack to this game is awesome. The only real knock on this game would be that defense is tuff to play. The shooting percentages are around .545 which can be real life like. This game is great and is worth a rental. 2k7 and Live are almost identical is rating this year. Both games are good.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Very Good Game

posted by xxDevastat (WALDEN, NY) Oct 9, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

10 out of 12 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

NBA Live 2007 was an improvement from the 2005 NBA Live, but i think that they could have done better. Dynasty mode hasn't changed much, and EA Sports has brought all of the same game modes back.

-The Pros-

-This years NBA Live has the best soundtrack i have ever seen on a video game.

-EA Sports has included little thi9ngs that just make the game more realistic. When the home team dribbles down the court, you hear backround music (Crazy-Gnarls Barkley|Kick, Push-Lupe Fiasco)

-The new free throw system(analog) is pretty cool, but it takes a free days to get used to it. The new free throw system is similar to the new analog kicking system for madden games.

-The new freestyle superstar upgrades are also great. EA sports now allows certain players to use more than one freestlye ability in a game. A simple hold of R1 and a click of the left analog stick, and you're using a different freestyle ability. Players like Kevin Garnett and Lebron James have tons of abilities that all come in handy during gameplay.

-The Cons-

-The computer. The computer makes tons of free throws, and there are way too many fouls called. The reach in foul is called more frequently, as is the shooting foul. When the computer is on the free throw line, they make tons of free throws. I am still yet to see less than 7 fouls called in a game, and the computer shoot under 80% fromt he stripe. I want to play, not listen to a whistle constantly.

-Playing defense is much harder int he NBA Live, than previous ones. Point guards drive by you like its nothing no matter what difficulty it is. I played on superstar in NBA Live 2006, and would win by 20+ points. Im stuck on started losing in games against the Nets. Then again, my team sint the greatest.

Overall, its a great game with minor negative features. I definately would reccomend this game to any basketball fan. I prefer to play NBA live games over other NBA games (NBA 2007, NBA Ballers, and ESPN Basketball games). I hope i was helpfull.

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GF Rating


All the Way Live

posted by JDC2k7 (HARPER WOODS, MI) Oct 9, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

The Lowdown on NBA Live 07

I've been hearing mixed reviews of NBA Live 07 some people loved it and others rip it into shreds. I picked up the game Friday and believe me as a dude that been throwing down NBA games since Tecmo super NBA, Bulls vs Blazers and NBA Showdown this is a tight game of basketball. Graphic wise it's brighter than the past NBA Live games, players look like who they supposed to be and the courts look great. Gameplay wise the control layout is something to get used to but once after a few minutes you're golden just remember who can dunk and who can't when you going towards the basket. Further in the gameplay you notice you're not going to get those easy dunks or just drive in the lane like in past titles the defenders will man up on your guys as you work towards the basket so it does feel like you're playing a real game of basketball. The Superstar feature is much improve in this year feature if your superstar can do more than one thing you can change their superstar skill from scorer to playmaker or playmarker to shooter or whatever their skill is. The only beef I with the game is the ticky fouls, the new free throw system and you have to adjust the game so you can play defense on the CPU. But all in all my beef shouldn't discourage anyone to pick this title up from the gameplay, the new features and the EA soundtrack this is the basketball title to pick up.

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