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Cheats, Codes & FAQs


Enter code

  • "XWETJK72FC"
    Unlock Denver Nuggets alternate away uniform
Jordan's Free Throw Dunk

When in the Slam Dunk Contest, enter code

  • tap Square, then hold Circle
    MJ's 1988 Slam Dunk. If you do it from the free throw line it is an automatic 50.
Vince Carter Arm in the Rim

When in the Slam Dunk Contest, enter code. If you hold it for a few seconds, he will put his arm pit in the rim for a 50 if you are lucky

  • Hold L1 + R1 then press Square(2), Triangle
    Vince Carter arm in the rim.

Enter code

  • DRI239CZ49
    Unlock Adidas A3 Garnett 3 shoe
    Unlock Answer IX Retro shoe
  • ZXDR7362Q1
    Unlock Jordan Melo 5.5 (white and varsity maize) shoe
  • 5223WERPII
    Unlock Jordan Melo 5.5 (white and baby blue) shoe
  • 144FVNHM35
    Unlock Jordan XIV (black and red) shoe
  • 67YFH9839F
    Unlock Jordan XIV (white and green) shoe
  • 743HFDRAU8
    Unlock AJordan XIV (white and red) shoe
    Unlock S. Carter 3 shoe
  • 258SHQW95B
    Unlock T-Mac black shoe
  • HGS83KP234P
    Unlock T-Mac 5 white shoe
    Unlock The Answer shoe

Enter code

  • 193KSHU88J
    Unlock Boston Celtics alternate away uniform
  • 9922NVDKVT
    Unlock Cleveland Cavaliers alternate away uniform
    Unlock Denver Nuggets alternate away uniform
    Unlock Detroit Pistons red alternate away uniform
    Unlock Indiana Pacers 2005-2006 away uniform
  • SDF786WSHW
    Unlock Indiana Pacers 2005-2006 home uniform
  • 234SDFGHMO
    Unlock East All-Star home uniform
  • XCVB5387EQ
    Unlock East All-Star away uniform
  • 2J9UWABNP1
    Unlock West All-Star home uniform
  • 39N56B679J
    Unlock West All-Star away uniform
Allen Iverson Message

Enter code

    Unlock Allen Iverson message