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NBA Live 06

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Shoe Codes

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  • DRI239CZ49
    Adidas A3 Garnett 3 shoe
  • 2345MJ#1
    Jordan XX shoe
    S. Carter 3 shoe
  • 258SHQW95B
    T-Mac black shoe
  • HGS83KP234P
    T-Mac 5 white shoe
Uniform Codes

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  • 193KSHU88J
    Boston Celtics alternate away uniform
  • 9922NVDKVT
    Cleveland Cavaliers alternate away uniform
    Denver Nuggets alternate away uniform
    Detroit Pistons alternate red uniform
  • SDF786WSHW
    Indiana Pacers 2005-2006 home uniform
    Indiana Pacers 2005-2006 away uniform
Points Codes

To get easy points in Dynasty, Play Now, or any other mode, get an outside scorer and press L + B. He will put the ball behind his back lay it up. It cannot be stopped even by a inside stopper and always works.

  • Press L + B
    Easy points
  • B, then hold X
    Slam dunk contest points
  • Hold L + R then press B(2), Y
    Slam dunk contest points
  • To do a 720 dunk for an automatic 50, while holding the R dunk modifier, run toward the basket and press the one foot 180 gather (Y). As soon as the gather motion starts, quickly rotate the Left Analog-stick counter-clockwise twice then press the Windmill
    Slam dunk contest points
  • To do a under the legs reverse dunk, starting from the corner of either baseline, run toward the basket and press the two foot 180 gather (X) just as you reach the word "HOUSTON*06" along the baseline. As soon as you start the gather motion, hold Pump Sla
    Slam dunk contest points