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NBA Ballers

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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

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NBA Ballers

Directional Pad Move Player
Left Thumbstick Move Player. (Click) Juice.
Right Thumbstick Anklebreaker Moves
A Button Pass to Buddy, Take Charge
B Button Shoot, Quick Steal
X Button "Act a Fool" Dribble Moves. Strong Steal.
Y Button Alley-Oop. Jump/Block.
White Button Back Down.
Left Trigger Juice
Right Trigger Juice
Start Pause Menu
Combo #1 Press and hold D-pad or Left Thumbstick toward basket + B Button = Leaner shot (lower percentage shot)
Combo #2 Press and hold D-pad or Left Thumbstick away from basket + B Button = Fade away jumper (lower percentage shot)
Combo #3 Tap B Button while stationary = Head fake
Combo #4 While running perpendicular to basket, press the B Button = Hook shot
Combo #5 Hold D-pad or Left Thumbstick toward basket + B Button = Dunk/layup
Combo #6 When ball is loose, any Juice button + the A Button = Dive for loose ball
Combo #7 For free throws, press A for power, then A again for aim, trying to hit the middle of each meter for a perfect shot

Right Thumbstick Move
A Button Take Gharge
B Button Quick Steal
X Button Strong Steal
Y Button Block / Rebound
Left Trigger Juice
Right Trigger Juice

Combo #1 Any Juice button + B (while in the paint) = Player specific dunk or layup
Combo #2 During a dunk, press B to double-clutch into a layup
Combo #3 Press Y then run toward basket while ball is in air = Ally-Oop
Combo #4 Press and hold any two Juice buttons + A = Pass ball to self
Combo #5 Left Trigger + B = Special shot (must be outside paint)
Combo #6 Use A to Pass to Sideline, then A again to have your buddy pass back to you, or X to have him lob it for an Alley-Oop
Combo #7 White Button + A (repeatedly) = Back down defender toward basket: use Right Thumbstick to spin out, Y to pump fake and B to shoot
Combo #8 Any Juice button + Y = Put-back dunk (only available for certain players)
Combo #9 Left Trigger + Right Thumbstick (any direction except away from rim) = Taunt (increases House Meter and replenishes Juice)

Combo #1 Click Left thumbstick + X = Off the Hizzle (bounce ball off your opponent's head)
Combo #2 Hold Right Trigger + X = Off the Hizzle to Oop (bounce off opponent's head and up for an Alley-Oop)
Combo #3 Hold Right Trigger + Left Trigger + click Left Thumbstick + move Right Thumbstick any direction = Robotron
Combo #4 Hold Left Trigger + B (while close to your opponent) = Act a Fool

Combo #1 Hold any Juice button + B = Shove opponent (you will pick up a foul)
Combo #2 Hold any Juice button + X (while near opponent) = Throwback
Combo #3 While being backed down, press A = Push back on offensive player
Combo #4 When opponent does an Act a Fool or Off the Hizzle move, press A = Shatterin' the Ego (take ball and break combo)
Combo #5 When opponent passes to sideline, position your player between sideline friend and opponent = Gafflin' the Pass (intercept ball)
Combo #6 Hold any Juice button + Y = Big Jump
Combo #7 When opponent is taking free throw, press any button = Free Throw Whammy (make his controller vibrate to throw him off)