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Can it Possibly GET WORST!!!????

posted by Outtellect (CORPUS CHRISTI, TX) Apr 26, 2008

Member since Sep 2006

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This is by far the worst street basketball game, better yet worst video game period. The controls are horrible. As a matter a fact who knows what the controls are because there's no option that identifies it. Ever get blocked and dunked on by Steve Nash??? You can time a block or a rebound for nothing. Because the ball won't get blocked and you won't get the ball off the rim. You can be literally in the guys face and you will not get the block. Or TRY TO Counter his trick move only for the ball to go right in the opponents hands. What's the purpose of that? STREETS HOMECOURT IS BY FAR MORE SUPERIOR!!! The Graphics are horrible. Why have Goaltending in a arcade like game? And Why isn't there a clear distinction on what goal tending is? Basically whenever the computer decides its a goal tend. Oh yeah, if the balls in the cylinder you can knock it out or rebound off the rim. Clearly a goal tend in the NBA but not in Ballers unless you block the initial shot... ONLY THEN COULD IT BE A GOAL TEND. The achievement points aren't even worth it. They have one game mode were there's no take backs and you have guys dunking, grabbing the ball as it drops through the net and constantly dunking it again until they get to match point. ITS FRUSTRATING TRYING TO BEAT EPISODES!!!! DON't Waste Your TIME, I DID.

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A Must Have game

posted by Flygamer33 (CHICAGO, IL) May 15, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

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If you want to experience a Basketball game with "Show-time" moves, then this is a must have game.

Graphics from Midway always cutting edge, baby!

Dwight Howard and Tracy McGrady are phenoms, baby!

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a game that says"put me in coach,i got hoopdreams"

posted by foolmanchu (BRISTOL, WI) Apr 24, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2006

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hold on to ur hat, cuz heres my latest review!

now let me just say, i LOVED nba street:homecourt. it was FUN, INNOVATIVE, and excitingly PLAYABLE. when i saw the trailer for nba ballers: chosen one, i had hoped it would feel very similar, but maybe more....NBAish? i dont know if that realy describes what i was hoping for, but after playing it, let me show you what i realy found...
1: this game is definitly over the top, from the moves to the courts, it may just leave you trying out for the pros only to realize that NO ONE can realy pull off those insane moves or afford houses that would cost as much as some of the basketball courts...but thats half the fun.
2: it has local play....thank you.

now...for a change, im going to introduce something that i havent yet had to...a split review. this is where i couldnt decide if it was a PRO or a CON of the game...cuz its a little bit o both.

the SPLIT: the gameplay is a LITTLE bit tricky. it realy IS fun to pull of the stunt moves, and adds a bit of flare to the game, but it IS a bit TRICKY. the buttons are difficult at points, and you will mess up when you dont expect it...but the thing is,it looks cool whe you DO pull it off! so....hence the split.

the CONS:
1:the graphics look like REALLLY graphics. not entirely worthy of 360 next gen. im not saying theyre BAD, they arent. but the faces on the characters look goofy at points. the ENVIORMENTS look pretty wikid. but over all,not the best.

but thats realy about it. if you loved nba street, you MAY b dissapointed in this, or you may love it as well. thats why i put the SPLIT decision. but i know you probably wont HATE this game. it is fun, and if you play with a friend who doesnt know the controlls,its just fun to dance circles around them. so i have to recomend that you at least rent this game. a 7.5/10

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