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NBA Ballers: Chosen One


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NBA Ballers:Chosen One

posted by ahamblin1 (BROOKLYN, NY) May 7, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

great game,graphic so realistic.

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NBA Ballers: Chose One (Do Not Choose This One)

posted by tight7monk (PHOENIX, AZ) May 7, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

Although NBA Ballers: Chosen One does have some new features which make it somewhat enjoyable, it is hard to get a full appreciation for the game when the gameplay seemed to be pushed out before it was fully ready. Of course, as with most NBA streetball oriented games, there is an increasing difficulty from very easy to insane on this game. However, the most difficult part is not necessarily the computer's AI. Instead, it is the fact that the game does not register a lot of the human players movements around the ball and around his/her opponent. This causes an increasing amount of frustration with the game, and may even cause you to simply pack the game up and send it back within 1-2 days. Some aspects were okay, such as the cutscene "super moves" but even they were sometimes glitchy and the "super dunks" were not as artistically impressive as the other "super moves." In my opinion, if you aren't sure whether or not you want this game, just pass on it. If you really enjoy these titles, then rent it, but definitely do not buy it.

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posted by Tretre22 (SPOKANE, WA) May 2, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

Ok, so I got this game and after hearing mixed reviews from several sources both industry and joe-blows from corner #2, I decided to give it a fair shot.

I turned on the game and was blown away at the actual -look- of the game. I mean, Chuck D actually was talking. It wasn't the generic mumble-mumble mouth moving. It looked real. So much so, that a friend came in and had to ask 'Is that a game?'.

Then the character creation was discovered. All right, let's rejoice. No. I can't make anything more then a generic black guy who is going to dominate on the court. Weak.

The gameplay was a bit sloppy. Not the usual cleanliness that I am used too when playing an NBA game. It felt like driving a school bus through a wave of honey. Just fricken sloppy.

Added into the gameplay, was the unavoidable cut scenes that seem to beat you to death with the bordem stick, as they constantly interrupt your gameplay. I was forced to watch as for fourty-five minutes, every single thing my team did resulted in the other team getting a cut scene by making us look like a bunch of blind retards, running around a brush fire.

So all in all, I looked at the game from a gamer perspective and realized that there is better on the market. Looked good, but the rest of it just wasn't there this time.

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