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posted by newsradiox (CANTON, MI) May 3, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

Just a little better than last years version (2K8) This game still needs a lot more work. (like better control on Defense) Also it has glitches like being able to cause a turnover by pushing a player out of bounds with your body.

Compared to NBA Live and NBA The Inside, this game has the worst and most boring announcers. But it has the BEST shooting control on jumpers and free throws.

Bottom line: This is the best NBA game available. All the rest have major issues and are far less realistic.

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Very Good

VERY sophisticated, but still needs work

posted by Operator7 (LONG BEACH, CA) Feb 17, 2009

Member since May 2007

Ok first off, let me just say that these game designers are some winners. This game has a LOT going for it.

Like some other good but not great games though, this one still needs work.

The main component that needs work, is the basketball action itself. When on offense, the guys move all over the court, trying to pull off some dribble moves and fakes. This makes the game rather frantic, and very arcade-ish, which is a shame, because this game is VERY very realistic.

Likewise on defense, it's tough to even stand in the way of somebody, without them moving right through you, as if you were a ghost or something.

Besides this, the only other negative is the lack of attributes of the previous generation players. There are SOME similarities, but there is also a lot missing. For example, Michael Cooper is not the defensive sure-stopper he was, and you don't see as much signature attributes of the older players.

The positives however, are really hope-inspiring.

The realism factor is superb when playing regular NBA games. You really feel like you are both watching and controlling an actual game. This is a HUGE plus.

There is a TON of details for the individual players, and this just might be the most sophisticated game ever done yet, in that regard.

The blacktop/street mode is also great, and dare I say it is VITAL to keep this going! (note to designers - never remove this part of the game) I say this because as good as the regular NBA games are, it's nothing like being able to ball it up, anywhere from 1 on 1, to 5 on 5, with any lineup, even including greats from the past. This is so much fun, even just being able to pick your team. Now the 30 second timer is a little too fast, and should be 60 seconds, or you should get an option for the timer, but that's small....

Again I LOVE being able to select previous generation greats, but only wish that more of their individual attributes would show.

Well I'm outta space, so I'll end it here...

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nba 2k9

posted by Princange1 (DALLAS, TX) Oct 31, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

Useing the analog stick to dribble was a good ideal for nba games . but useing the wrong analog stick to dribble is a stupid ideal. I have to run in directions that make the juke moves i wont to use work. checking to see which one of my hands has the ball in and checking to see what the defense is doing

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