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Good no Cigar sorry 2K loyal

posted by McLovinit (Charlotte, NC) Oct 13, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

I used to be a 2k loyalist, but just like the republican party I am voting on the side of change. 2K9 is slightly better than last year, although 2k8 looked better. 2k9 graphics are only good on zoom ins, and no the gamep;ay nor the graphics compare to live 09. However the people who like to easily crossover and dunk, or the ones who want an arcade style invinsible kobe, lebron, and garnett every year, should pick 2k, the Defense looks fak, you can still jump in and intercept any well timed steal. My friend and i had 15 steals a piece at the end of our first game, I was done with it, he thought it was great. So to each jis own but after playing 2k i own live

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2K9 is a beta

posted by jkudzin (CULVER CITY, CA) Oct 13, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

2K9 is a good NBA game compared to the other 2 games out. But that is only if your an off-line kind of guy. As for those of us that only play games for the on-line experience 2K9 is lacking big time. The game consistently stops you from logging into the 2k servers. When it does finally let you in it will freeze when trying to join/create a game. Keep in mind this is all on-line. They have a new 5v5 match up mode which is a good idea but again thanks to the 2k servers you'll be freezing and rebooting your night away. Once you finally do get into a 5v5 game you'll find that it only supports 3v3 at most. Anything over that will boot you or your team mates out of the game causing you to start the process all over again.

Without question NBA 2k9 is a good game off-line but when it comes to the on-line part of it, its nothing more than a bad public beta. For every 1 game you play on-line you will spend at least 30-45 minutes freezing and rebooting. Do the math, you'll find that all that equals is a waste of time.

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