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Really Bad

The perfect example of how to make a horrible game

posted by ThaFlu84 (HOUSTON, TX) Jun 8, 2010

Member since Jun 2004

This is easily one of the worst games ever made. Everything that is fundamental in the sport of basketball is absent from this game. Your AI teammates are so stupid and useless, they literally make me sick sometimes, and make you feel like you're playing 1 vs. 5 the entire game. The game has the exact same gameplay issues that made NBA 2K8 such a digraceful game. Also, it has bugs/glitches that weren't even in NBA 2K8. No thought was put into this game and I seriously believe that the employees at Visual Concepts (the developers of this series) are mentally challenged.

Playing against computer is a horrible and pointless experience. Every team plays exactly the same, they all run the same plays, and they play near-perfect defense (even if their defensive awareness attributes are low). Also, for some reason, the game is geared towards the computer winning. Your teammates allow them to attempt alleyoops, wide open layups, and jumpshots with no resistance at all. And, this happens almost EVERY possession. (For anyone who has played this junk, this is why the Point Guard always gets 10 assists).

And, please don't get me started on how ridiculous this game is when you play online. People constantly try to steal the ball, but often get rewarded instead of called for a reach-in foul. The small amount of strategy the game offers (situational lineups, playbooks, etc.), sometimes randomly dissappears when you start a game. Also, it is basically impossible to guard a player one on one, no matter what your player's On-Ball Defense attribute is.

They are a TON of other things wrong with this game that I haven't mentioned (players staring at loose balls, how slow the animations are, the unrealistic Association mode, etc.). But, just know that this is an embarrassment to the sport of basketball, the NBA, and video games.

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posted by gr3ygoos3 (AVON, CO) Apr 18, 2010

Member since Aug 2008

i have been a long time EA sports fan but they have gone down hill. 2k9 is a lot better. Better controls and if you don't have the unique code from the box they want you to purchase a full 365 season when I am RENTING the game.

I'll Stick with 2k sorts. Plus 2k is the only one on xbox thst has a MLB game and according to the reviews it's awesome.


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three pointer

posted by rhayes107 (MONTAGUE, NJ) Mar 29, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

good game for basketball fans but since its 2010 I recomend nba 2k10 if you want a more acurate game,story mode didnt allow you to play the same season.I kept on trying to unlock Micheal Jordan but i couldn't not even with cheats or hints from books.I would recomend it to people who like basketball.

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