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2k Makes huge leaps in 08!!

posted by AJrANTZ (SEATTLE, WA) Oct 4, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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Man, I just love sports titles, and I will play every new one it comes out, and it always seems that 2k sports makes the biggest leaps then any other gaming titles out there.

some pros:
player animation is fantastic! there are actual moves "layup, crossovers, jumpshot, dunks" that are unique to every player! Also the realism is there, fighting through screen, wrapping around a defender as you drive past him. amazing. oh and they even RUN like there real life counterpart.

aesthetically beautiful. picture is alot more clear this year, last yr was a little choppy, now the graphics looks great!!! whether HD or not.

AI is tougher! great team d by the AI, and makes you run a play to find an open shot... and once you make a nice play, you feel like a million bucks!! Just makes it a little more enjoyable.

Kevin Durant!!!!! enough said :P


presentation. Lets be honest we all love some eye candy as well. There is no animation to annouce the line-up like live08. The halftime show is about 2 mins, and only list your stats. There is nothing between quarters, it just goes straight to the next quarter. So i must say NBA live08 WINSS in that category.

Menus are still a little odd. It sorta the same-ol from last year just beefed up a little bit, so i suppose you could be used to it if you played 2k7.

Overall i highly reccomend this game. In my opinion it is THE best baketball simulation this year! if you love bball games, it simply is a must buy, if your just a sports fan in general. You AT LEAST need to rent this game. And if you played 2k7 through and through, you will love the suttle nuances that 2k8 will bring to the table.

much love,

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Best NBA Simulation Ever

posted by JoeyVast (REGO PARK, NY) Oct 5, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

11 out of 15 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

The title says it all. Every NBA star captured perfectly down to their signature dunks, passes, and shots. The computer AI is the best ever. Witness Lebron dismantle your defense with crisp passes and thunderous tomahawk dunks. Watch in amazement as you try to contain Kobe, cuz there is no stopping him. You can even change the dribble controls to the right stick ala NBA Live. This game has it all. If you love the NBA you'll LOVE THIS GAME. This game however has a slight learning curve, its not instant pick up and play. YOu'll have to get used to the controls and go into practice mode a bit before you can truly appreciate the splendor that is this game.

p.s. the slam dunk contest is really fun. check it out. for any tips on the game visit
operationsports forums
and visit the nba2k8 section.

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Best Basketball Simulation Ever

posted by DthomasNYC (BROOKLYN, NY) Oct 1, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

10 out of 15 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Now you can choose who you want to come up and run the pick and role with.
You can choose who you wan to curl off of a screen.
And you can choose who you want to post up with.
There is no more posting up Oberto when you have the big Fundamental, Timmy on Fire. There is no more running a pick and role with Haslem when you got the Diesel, Shaq in the game.
Furthermore, the AI is tight...
No more cheasing with one person, cause the CPU is going to recognize that and send the double team next time around.
In, addition if you are posting up every time they are gonna front the post...
If you are running the pick and role every time, they are going to trap the pick...
This game is Great...
Just my opinion...
from Brooklyn...

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