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NBA 2K7 360

posted by sportsfan (LOS ANGELES, CA) Nov 2, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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Here we go again folks. Another installment of the 2k basketball series for next gen. I am going to start off by saying that the graphics are once again disapointing. Yeah the uniforms move and there is emotion on the players faces, but those are not next gen graphics. Even though Live 07 is not a good b-ball game, it sure beats 2k in the graphics deparment. They need to take advantage of the 360 and make the game better graphically. Last year I had a problem with subbing. I hated pausing the game everytime I had to sub in Livingston for Cassell. This year they implemented subs on the fly which is good so us gamers won't have to pause for subs. The gameplay is far better then Live, but it still needs to be worked on. I get frustrated when I call I play and the players stand still. There is even times where your own teamates get in your way and screw up the offensive play. Another thing that keeps impressing me is the presentation. The halftime show is awsome and funny as Kenny Smith talks about the good and bad players of the game. With all of this said, if 2k improves their graphics and tone up the gameplay just a bit, we would have the best b-ball game in the world. But since that was not in this years game I rated 2k7 a 7.

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Best Basketball game hands down!

posted by Blaze1 (HAYWARD, CA) Sep 29, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

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Ladies and gentleman seriously I doubt you will find a better basketball game ever than this 2k7. I know thats a very bold statement but it has everything. I don't even have an HD tv and I love this game. The post moves are easy to learn, players dive after balls, the AI is much better than last year, the players do practically all their signature movements...a.k.a. Steve Nash licking his fingers before he dribbles. When you sub you see the players sitting and checking in at the scorers table. It even has the new Lebron Nike airs! And finally I don't know of a game ever having this many good camera angles, the TV cam switches views in game like you would see if you were watching it on TNT or ESPN live. On the other hand this game is not flawless, now if you want to get nit picky some of the players faces don't look exactly like the real life player. Also when you dunk sometimes the hands don't look like they are holding the rim but I can take that. There is no question if you like basketball...don't rent buy this game.

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This is what NextGen is all about!!!

posted by Modfather1 (MCDONOUGH, GA) Sep 28, 2006

Member since Sep 2004

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Hey it's 2K sports, what more is there to say except that this game is truly next-gen,and it's only the beginning. 2K has always set the bar high for the competition(EA Sports) to follow, hey if you can't beat it buy it out that's EA's motto.. The other guys just need to stick to boxing, this is what they are good at.. Everything else is mediocre and overhyped as usual. 2k7 is a winner with a very high replay value, I love it!!

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