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NBA 2k7 is eke for now

posted by topgamenyc (FOREST HILLS, NY) Jan 10, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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Well Finally I had a chance to play a basketball game next gen style Funny thing is I really only wanted a PS3 for metal gear solid 4 and nba live 07 08 09 etc....However they scrapped live 07 for ps3 and metal gear doesn't have a date of release.
Ok back to the game. the graphics are very nice and crisp for my 1080i display 53 inches the details are nice but the game has glitches.
They will have to fix a few things I dont think much time was put into putting this game on ps3 alot like a few other sports titles.
The controlls are a little clunky in the menu screens I think that live has a sleeker menu system.
The biggest problem I had was the online gaming aspect of this I have high speed cable modem and pay for extra bandwith about 10mbps or so and this game does not let you connect immediatley to any person you would like to challenge. If you play nba live online this is nowhere near it. You cannot connect within 30 seconds and play a game against a online opponent like in live there are times I wait 5 to 10 mins its very fustrating wether you go to quick game or go to a lobby lookin for a game.
Play the game to see the new graphics and kool soundtrak I played 24 7 mode which was kool then lets you take your player to the nba.
All in all its a nice game but I still go play my nba live 07 for ps2 just because I can get a quick online game anytime.

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Competion = Great for the consumer - Living Proof

posted by BatMax01 (CORAL SPRINGS, FL) Nov 28, 2006

Member since Jan 2005

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Since there is no exclusive license for NBA games, look at what we (the gamers) have, a near perfect basket ball game from 2K studios. Don't get me wrong EA has done great things for the gaming industry, but when it all boils down to it you want to have a game that is both beautiful as well as extremely fun to play. I have NBA Live 07 and 2k7 on the 360 and 2K7 on the PS3. NBA Live 07 seems like it runs at 20 frames per second. It's cotton pickin supercomputer, no excuse. And then we have 2k7 excellent display of the power and potential of both systems. And don't forget guys, this is a launch title. One word about this game, Amazing! If you like basketball buy this game.

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there are no good basketball games for PS3

posted by daratz1786 (KELLER, TX) Jan 18, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

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i have to say that NBA 2k7 is not all that good, the graphics are good and the variety of game is great but on 24/7 option it is ultra repetitive. you can't drive to the basket as much because the turbo is your best chance and its not very effective like it was in previous years. the passing in the game is very unreal because they steal every ball you throw.
to close it out NBA live 07 stinks! NBA 2k7 is ok except for the gameplay. its way to confusing even in the menu stuff. waist a couple of days in the mail if you want but you'll see how not good it is

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