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Also on:PS2, GC
GF Rating

75 ratings

Gameplay Controls

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Directional Pad Run/Dribble
Left Thumbstick Run and Dribble/Call for Pick (Press In)
Right Thumbstick Pass in Direction of Stick/Fake Pass (Press In)
A Button Pass
B Button Crossover Dribble
X Button Shoot/Rebound
Y Button Display Passing Icons
White Button Toggle Pivot Mode On/Off
Black Button Access Offensive Play Menu
Left Trigger Back Down Defender
Right Trigger Turbo/Speed Burst
Combo #1 Left Trigger + Right Trigger + X = Aim and Shoot Free Throw
Combo #2 B, Black Button = Fake and Reverse
Combo #3 Run Toward Defender (Right Trigger), B = Spin Past Defender
Combo #4 Run Toward Basket (Right Trigger) + X = Layup
Combo #5 Layup + A = Pass out of Layup
Combo #6 White Button (Pivot Mode), Direction Left or Right = Jab Step

Directional Pad Run
Left Thumbstick Run
Right Thumbstick Intentional Foul (Press In)
A Button Switch Player
B Button Steal Attempt
X Button Block Shot/Rebound
Y Button Display Switch Icons
White Button Call for Double Team
Black Button Access Defensive Play Menu
Left Trigger Face-Up Ball Handler
Right Trigger Turbo/Speed Burst
Combo #1 Y, Left Thumbstick = Switch to Last Player Back
Combo #2 Right Trigger + X = Lunging Pass Steal Attempt/Lunging Block Attempt