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Also on:PS2, Xbox
GF Rating

9 ratings

Game Details

  • Release Date 10/10/2002
  • Publisher Sega
  • Developer Sega of America
  • Platform GameCube
  • Genre Sports
  • Number of Players 4

Game Description

NBA 2K3 brings you the excitement of NBA basketball like never before. Smoother motion captures, more realistic player behavior, and more detailed graphics will put you right on the court. Sweat and facial expressions will further convey the intensity of this fast-paced sport. Your favorite players are rendered with painstaking detail, with their current favorite shoes, headbands, armbands, and facial expressions. Play in all the major arenas, or take it to the streets in Venice Beach or Rucker Park. Exciting ESPN commentary and simulated TV camera coverage make NBA 2K3 a must for any basketball fan.

Specs & Requirements

Memory 50 blocks

Modes Simultaneous, Versus, Team Battle, Tournament, Season

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