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Big step forward

posted by Vhinn (CHICAGO, IL) Jun 1, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

I love what they have this year for 2k. In this 2k the gameplay to me was greatly enhanced the contact defense and dribbling makes it more challenging than it did in the previous 2k games with easy driving.
The myplayer is the biggest challenge in this game if you wanna make an allstar. The ai is really tough on the offensive and defensive end and there were alot of complaints online about the difficulty of the computer,but that just makes the game better than before you cant just do easy drives or off the dribble shots now

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Best basketball sim ever...but,

posted by ALeonard28 (PHOENIX, AZ) May 11, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

If you're reading this, odds are you're debating on whether or not to either rent or purchase this game. If that is indeed the case, then I urge you to try this game. The 2k franchise exploded with NBA 2k9, and has only gotten better since. Every year 2k astounds me with improvements. This year, the gameplay is more realistic than ever. Players play like their real life counterparts, and individual teams have their own styles and it shows. And this year with the addition of Signature Skills, players strengths are more well implemented than ever. They are not meant to make great players greater, but further define role players. With infinite contact animations and new physics, NBA 2k13's gameplay is more realistic than ever.

Onto game modes. There is, of course, the return of My Career. And boy is it amazing. From getting drafted and coming off the bench in your first game to leading your team to the NBA Finals, NBA 2k13's My Career mode is a wild ride. As you become more noticed, Nike and Jordan will attempt to sign you, you'll be put onto billboards, and you'll get your own commercials. As you get used to your teammates, your chemistry will increase. And it is very noticeable. Soon it will feel as if your teammates know your next move before you make it. A timely pick, or a great entry pass can be that extra something to win a close game. And all of that comes with chemistry. Franchise is also back, of course, along with My Team (very similar to Madden's Ultimate Team), Create A Legend and more.

Overall, this game is a blast. There are a few animations that are very common and will occur so often you will be able to predict them before they happen. That and the inability to defend dunks can become annoying, but the rest of the game shines so much it hardly takes away from the overall experience.

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GF Rating

Above Average

NBA 2K 13

posted by slicksteveb21 (QUITMAN, GA) Apr 29, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

The game was hard to control, and in career mode you barely got to play.. the shooting sucked and the dribbling was not like it really seems.....

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