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Thank You, 2K Sports. Thank you.

posted by MrFeaRZ (New York, NY) Oct 5, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

13 out of 15 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

2K Sports has done it again! NBA2K11 was the greatest basketball game ever made until Oct. 4th 2011. That distinction now goes to NBA2K12.

The easiest way to explain it is the word "Tight". Everything is just tighter. The graphics, the player movement, the post game, the animations, everything. They really took last years game and made everything slightly better. My Player is vastly improved also since your rating starts in the 60's and not the 40's.

The biggest improvement in terms of gameplay is the fast-breaks. So fluid. You actually have 3 on 1 breaks. Fast-break points are now regularly in the 20's and 30's per game. Such a blast. Last year, 10 fast-break point in a game was a lot. They really fixed it beautifully.

Also, the game has 34 old-school teams! 34! Unbelievable. I played a game with the '65 Celtics and the game was in black and white, with retro commentary. Need i say more?

If you love basketball, you already have this game. If you love sports, buy this game. If you love technical achievement in videogames, buy this game. If you love Larry Bird, get his cover!

For the second year in a row 2K Sports has made a love letter to b-ball fanatics. Thank you. Now i'm going back to play....

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GF Rating

Very Good

Still Good, but with lower IQ

posted by Nexus85 (BRIDGEPORT, PA) Oct 12, 2011

Member since Oct 2010

10 out of 12 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

This may sound like blasphemy but contrary to rave reviews, I think this NBA2K is inferior to last years. Yes it plays smoother and has a great deal more polish, but it's not as fun to play as 2k11.

-It's overly complicated: dribbling is frustrating, loose balls feel implausible, off ball movement is hard to use because players get tangled with defending players too easily, and yes your still flirting with disaster if you don't use icon passing.

To me it feels like the frustrating things about last year were made even more frustrating, and they subtracted modes like crews, slam dunk contest, 3 point contest, and My player online pick up games (If you were into those modes (hope for some DLC).

- The shot, dunk, crossover, steal, and block animations are beautiful and rewarding when done successfully. This is where the game shines.

-The online...(No Comment) In all fairness it is still being worked on, and 2k sports acknowledges the poor quality.

Bottom line: It still plays like 2k11 but smoother, I think the My Player mode is the reason to rent/buy this game since it is greatly improved. If you are indecisive about renting or buying because of so many other great games releasing around this time, just keep playing 2k11 and wait a while on this one.

Being a huge B Ball fan, I know the die hard will pick this up right away. Just wanted to give people an objective heads up review.

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My Player...Absolutely Horrible!!!!

posted by KONTRO9 (COMPTON, CA) Oct 13, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Since its debut on NBA 2K10 it has been the only game mode that makes this basketball franchise worth playing however it needed a lot of improvement and this yrs 2K12 My Player is jus absolutely horrible no matter what team or difficulty settings you have on the game conspires against you making your team seem like amateurs by not passing you the ball when you are open, taking fade away 3pters from almost half court, almost ALWAYS fouling/never closing out on 3pt shooters, making bad passes when your not open, not taking the WIDE OPEN jumpshot. Meanwhile the cpu team can drop a contested 3pter in your face all day making OUTRAGEOUS fadeaway jump shots regardless of how well you defend them as well as how much you spend your attributes on your defense but THEIR defense is OUT OF THIS WORLD when it comes to blocking shots they almost NEVER foul when this happens the cpu defender in front i repeat IN FRONT OF YOU will literally grab a pass out of the air as if you were playing monkey in the middle jus all around garbage is what this game is the graphics are virtually the same as the last 2K other than My Payer and Create a Legend mode this game isn't really worth it i love 2K games but this is something their going to have to work on if they want to really take over sport games

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