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NBA 2K11 needs better ball handling, shooting

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Nov 1, 2010

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When I first started playing this version of NBA 2K series, the first difference between this game and the others was almost immediate - the camera view was much different here, and it gave a much better feel for the gameplay.
But some things about NBA 2K11 remain the same: the free throw shot is still a pain to pull off with the Wiimote - in fact, several easy shots were missed by both the AI and me.
The dribbling controls are just as complicated as before with commands that depend on which ball your guy is dribbling with.
And just like in many other sports games, the AI teammates let me down at some of the worst times - they leave a guy open for a three point shot or an alley-oop.
Still, I had fun making the right pass and getting some good shots into the basket like a NBA superstar (which I’m not).
Adding new features takes some of the agony away from the problematic gameplay, but it doesn’t completely erase it.
You can play as Michael Jordan and make the other players look like beginners through many of his legendary games (I scored 63 in one game - a little less than I score in two regular season games).
You can create a player and bring him up through the system to become the next superstar.
Or you can play the blacktop games like 21, dunk contest and three point shooting, but these mini games have problems. The 21 game is too much like a regular game, the dunk contest needs better controls, and the three point contest is no better than the one in WiiSports Resort.
NBA 2K11 needs to work out the control problems with the Wiimote - then it would be a great basketball game. RENT IT.

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Not As Good As I Hoped

posted by KodaCocoa (ROSEVILLE, CA) Nov 13, 2010

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Last year I purchased NBA 2K10 on the Wii. This year I thought that perhaps it would be better because they've already released in once on the Wii and they have Michael Jordan on the cover.

I learned while playing last year's version that playing with the wii remote and nunchuck just doesn't cut it and causes horrible gameplay and control. Playing with the classic controller allows you to enjoy this game.

Unfortunately, in this year's model the same problem still exist. The game freezes and makes you perform a hard reboot of the wii and the game modes are just not that fun.

The graphics in 2K11 were somewhat better, but i'm going to keep playing last year's model because 2K11 isn't that good. If you don't have a basketball game this will due for some time and since it's a rental you can just send it back if you don't like it. All in all it's decent, but not worth it if you're planning to take the step up and buy the game.

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could be better

posted by Chanda (CHICAGO, IL) Mar 4, 2011

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i brought this game out at a party and everyone immediately started tellin me how much better its is on xbox 360 and that the game looks bootleg on the wii...after i played the game on xbox i agree with them totally! this game is just okay!

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